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  • Crimes is not Race Based, No Way all Blacks can be Criminals

    Black Stereotyping as Criminals African-Americans are one of the main minority groups in the United States. This group immigrated into the country as slaves and although it is long since the end of slavery, the group still experiences a high level of discrimination and stereotyping in the modern world. This is particularly identified in the […]

  • Cyberbullying : An In-Depth Analysis of Cybercrime

    In the present world, the interaction of people has improved due to the advancement in technology. People are able to communicate easily irrespective of their distances and location in the world. Computers and mobile phones have provided the avenue for the increased interaction. People as social beings are interacting virtually through social media and other […]

  • Social Class, Unemployment and their Relationship With Crime

    Crime is basically a human phenomenon. Every human being is bound to commit crime at any one point. There is a popular perception though that the poor people and the unemployed are bound to commit crimes more than the rich. Before we get to the issue of social class, we need to understand what social […]

  • Community Policing Should Be Adopted To Address Crime Most Effectively

    Introduction Community Policing is a policing approach aimed at helping fight crime and build rapport between police and local communities concurrently. It is quite different from the typical, or traditional, policing. The typical policing is commonly employed in urban zones by municipal agencies that are deemed highly responsive. Community policing entails the assignment of groups […]

  • Drug Crimes in Colombia

    Colombia is distinguished as one of the countries with the highest drug crimes in the world. The high crime rate is ascribed to the nation’s illicit drug trade, which involves the production, processing, and trafficking of cocaine. The magnitude of drug crimes in Colombia can be quantified through homicide rates and statistical estimates of cocaine […]

  • Crime Victims’ Rights Act and How they have Progressed over the Years

    Introduction For a very long time, crime victims have been neglected by not being considered in the legal process whereby offenders are prosecuted and sentenced. This was because their rights had not be considered as part of the constitution. After some time, there was an introduction of a list of rights expected to be offered […]

  • Victorian Community Crime Prevention Program

    The Community Crime Prevention Program (CCPP) was created by the Victorian government to avert misconduct and provide effective solutions to crime within the Victorian territory. The program consists a series of initiatives delivered by the state authority which include: Graffiti Grants Program (GGP); Community Safety Fund (CSF) grants program; Reducing Violence against Women and their […]

  • Cases Where Intoxication and Mistake of Fact were used as a Defense To Crime

    Intoxication This defense is often used in cases involving aggravated murder. While it does not completely exculpate the defendant of the charges of aggravated murder it may serve to lower the charge of aggravated murder to murder. In the case of State v Slagle, it was alleged that the defendant broke into the victim’s house, […]

  • The RICO Act and Organized Crime

    According to (Scheb & Scheb, 2011) organized crimes includes offenses that individuals or groups of people commit with an attempt to gain political influence by virtue of corruption or graft. Woodiwiss (2015) points that organized crime activities include smuggling, extortion (racketeering) and fraud. The threat that organized crime posed was sounded through the 1960 presidential […]

  • Female Crime Rates Between the United States and Saudi Arabia

    Treatment of Females and How it Affects Criminality             In the early and middle of 1990s, there was an increased media focus on the increased rates of female involvement in crime. It is reported in (Kontos, Brotherton & Barrios, 2012) that during the period, the number of women joining gang memberships, involvement in drugs, possession […]