Traditional Family Importance to the Future of America

According to Dees (2014), one of the critical threats to life, as an inalienable right, is the loss of respect for the traditional family. A conventional family forms the basic social organization of any society, whereby it provides stability in a social, sexual, emotional, and intellectual way that no other can. Dees elucidates that it is only a traditional family that guarantees society’s progress both biologically and socially.  When families are healthy, society is strong, and the vice versa is true. In this regard, the traditional family is essential to America’s future as it is the primary building block of America, without which the nation will continue experiencing societal erosion.

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Thus, the solution to saving the alarmingly societal deterioration facing America is the resurrection of the traditional family. Dees asserts that the most serious challenges to the traditional family in America are the attacks from intertwining sexual, racial, and feminist agendas. These threats mostly present themselves in the form of same-sex marriages and single-parent families. According to Dees, biased liberal public policy, reinforced by parental absenteeism within the existing traditional families, often support these agendas.

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The net effect of these threats is the destruction of the traditional family, which is the building block of the American society. The agendas go against the natural order of things and destabilize society by hurting women and children. It also facilitates the opening of Pandora’s Box, as the nation legalizes all kinds of sexual pervasions. Therefore, attacks from intertwining sexual, racial, and feminist agendas threaten not only the traditional family but also the future of America.

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