Personal Worldview and Its Effect on Intercultural Communication

Part 1- Christian Worldview Worldviews are different because people are different. Therefore, two people may be looking at the same time but having different opinions about the same thing. Christians are all taught about God and the way they should carry themselves especially in their daily living where they should live as Christ lived. As such, […]


Public Communication Programs, Processes, Systems, Efforts, and Plans

Introduction There are many processes, efforts and various communicational procedures that take place for the purpose of public education. Many processes help in the communication of various risks that affect the public. The risk communicators, therefore, had to go through various efforts like ensuring that the languages used are appropriate and are not imposing to


Comparative analysis of integrated marketing communications mix strategy – Sainsbury vs. Tesco

Do a comparative analysis of integrated marketing communications mix strategy for Retailers: Sainsbury vs. Tesco Imagine that you are appointed as International Strategic Brand Manager for a mobile service provider of your choice such as Tesco . Given Sainsbury’s popularity within certain consumer groups it is one of your major competitors. Your company assigned you


The Six Functions of Nonverbal Communication

Nonverbal communication has six functions, namely contradict, repeat, substitute, regulate, accent and complement. Contradiction is the first function of nonverbal communication. Contradiction leads to giving inconsistent messages to employees, which causes them to lose trust in the company’s direction. For example, a supervisor asking his employees to get psyched for the day with a casual


Communication, Attitudes, Behaviors and Culture Effect on Team Performance

Communication, attitudes, behaviors and culture highly influence the organization performance. Communication highly determines the nature of interaction in a team. Open communication can highly encourage sharing of ideas and collaboration in problems solving and thus, good performance. However, when there is poor communication, the team is very likely to experience problems in their projects due


Mazda Integrated Marketing Communications Case Study

Discussion Questions Analyze the role of integrated marketing communications in the marketing of automobiles such as the Mazda Protegé and MAZDA6. How is each IMC element used to market automobiles? Evaluate Mazda’s decision to drop the “Get In. Be Moved’ tagline for the Protegé and adopt the “Zoom-Zoom” theme for its advertising. Evaluate the strategy

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