Terrorism Campaign and Planning Process

An Outline and Definition of the Strategies for Conducting a Terrorist Campaign  or Act. A deduction of the empirical studies stipulates that a greater percentage of the terroristic acts are a scheme of highly coordinated campaign. According to Hall (2003), the strategies for undertaking a terroristic act would widely be categorized into campaigns of intimidation,


Boko Haram – The Quiet but Deadly Terrorist Organization

Abstract Created in the early 2000s, Boko Haram quickly rose to fame as a formidable terrorist organization that did not play around when it comes to the prices they are willing to pay in order to squelch the “evil influences” of the western civilization. Boko Haram seems to have faded in the background in recent


Reflective Evaluation of Counterintelligence Support to Counterterrorism Operations with Reference To the 2001 Pentagon Attack

Introduction The September 2001 attacks on the US showed the threats posed on the country by terrorists graphically. The attacks, and other previous ones, led to the loss of the lives of persons working for the US Department of Defense (DoD). The terrorist attacks against the Beirut-located Marine Barracks, the Saudi Arabian-located Khobar Towers, and


Intelligence Gathering And Informational Sharing Within Al Qaeda

Intelligence Gathering Al-Qaeda, a global terrorist network, was founded by Osama bin Laden more than ten years ago. This terrorist network remains a major threat across the United States, Middle East, and Africa. Al-Qaeda’s leaders understand that they are being targeted by the United States government. For this reason, they often use every means possible


Genealogy of Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism Efforts within the United Kingdom

Today, modern-day terrorism is principally looked at as a serious global threat that warrants immediate attention. Its extensive scope, dynamic nature, and the number of nation-states impacted negatively by associated aftermaths has now forced many to resort to formulating elaborate counter-terrorism strategies to remain one step ahead of their adversaries. The United Kingdom is among


Impact of Terrorism on Children

As expected, the onus is customarily on Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners (PMHNPs) to act responsively and apply empathy during the evaluation of sensitive issues that threaten children and adolescents.  Acts of terrorism have recently emerged as the archetypal representation of a special issue and with the potential to impart long-lasting trauma on children.  According

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