Terrorism is The War of the Poor, and War is the Terrorism of the Rich

The concept of terrorism is typically dependent upon one’s point of view, as well as which side of the conflict you support. There is a common saying that “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.” Western nations, to include the United States, have been very reluctant to recognize terrorism in any way that could be construed as legitimate warfare. In fact, terrorism is often described as mindless, senseless, or irrational violence. However, that is not necessarily the case. Terrorism is objective oriented and normally well choreographed to obtain maximum results. Writer and actor Peter Ustinov once famously said that “Terrorism is the war of the poor, and war is the terrorism of the rich.”

Examine this concept in a short paper. There is no right or wrong answer for this assignment as long as you can make a valid argument and support that argument with scholarly facts and resources. The idea here is for you to think about terrorism in the context of warfare and to come up with a logical argument as to whether or not terrorism is mindless, senseless, irrational violence, or legitimate warfare.

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