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  • Harms of Imprisonment With Reference to Australian ‘Prison Estate’

    The Australian “prison estate” is archetypally represented in imprisonment as the foremost type of punishment espoused by the criminal justice system. However, imprisonment has been routinely been criticized as a counterproductive alternative which ultimately presents numerous harms a wide array of players. Imprisonment without a clear foundational practice to guide the correction of offender’s demeanour […]

  • Prison Reform through Alternative Methods of Rehabilitation

    Over the past decade, policymakers have painstakingly worked to improve the prison environment by clamoring for the creation of an effective penal system to manage offenders. Their efforts were primarily occasioned by the high recidivism rate observed particularly in the United States and overcrowding experienced in federal penitentiaries.  This was further exacerbated by the fact […]

  • Why Prison Population is Increasing in the United States

    The United States prison population has been increasing over the past 40 years. According to (Phelps, 2016) the United States witnessed a change in its criminal justice policy that has witnessed what the author terms as mass incarceration.  The decision has had profound effects on the prison populations in the country, resulting in more people […]

  • Overview of Medical Experiments on Prisoners

    Research showed that medical experiment on prisoners started several decades ago and many prisoners have participated in medical research without their consent. For example, in 1946 the Guatemalan prison inmates were used in medical experiment where most of them were deliberately infected with syphilis. Studies showed that male prisoners were directly infected with the disease […]

  • CJ503 – How Poor Attitudes among Correctional Staff in a State Prison Might Affect other Aspects of that Prison

    CJ503 Organizational Behavior Unit 2 Assignment The prison correctional officers are at the center of great attention from policy makers and social scientists. These employees hold the greatest responsibilities of maintaining peace, security and order of the prison systems (Larivière, 2001). Given the important role that prison employees play in correctional facilities, their attitudes can […]

  • Ethical Dilemmas that an Assistant District Attorney is Likely to Face While Serving his Prison Term and Probation

    Ethical Conflicts in Correction             The United States prides itself as the home of the free and has been an enormous influence in the international stage for many years. Through its constitution and other documents like the Declaration of Independence, the country strives to protect the rights of its citizens. However, domestically, the United States […]

  • Tuskegee syphilis studies and the Zimbardo Prison Experiment – Critical Analysis and Comparison of Scientific Researches

    Introduction             There are numerous scientific researches that have been conducted, and most of these researches involved human population in one way or the other. The scientific researches that involve human population must always be carried out in accordance to a codes of ethics of research (Pierce, 2007). These ethics of scientific research were developed […]

  • Prison is Ineffective Because Most People Come out Worse Than They Went in

    Imprisonment is among the most severe punishment in self-governing societies apart from capital punishment that is only used in the United States. The primary rationale of imprisonment is crime prevention. Imprisonment is anticipated to prevent crime through deterrence and incapacitation. Incapacitation denotes crime prevention yielding from the offenders’ physical isolation. Deterrence denotes a behavioral response […]

  • M7A1 Essay – Abu Gharaib Prison Case Study Questions Answered

    M7A1 Essay Instructions The purpose of this activity is for you to examine a real-world case of abuse of power and the consequences that resulted.  Most of you are familiar with the Abu Ghraib Prison case and what happened when abuse of power went unchecked.  Let’s look at the case in some detail and share your thoughts […]

  • How Discipline in Schools Leads to the School-to-Prison Pipeline in Low Income Communities

    Introduction The school-to-prison pipeline refers to the process whereby, experiences of disciplinary in school augment students’ probability of contact with the juvenile justice system. It refers to institutional practice of channeling school students that are frequently from disadvantaged families into the criminal justice system. This contact with criminal justice is consequently related with devastating economic, […]