Communication Audit – A Strategy to Improve Communication

Discuss a tool or strategy a leader can adopt for improving communication within the organization.

Communication refers to the information transmitting process and mutual understanding between two or more people. Communication is the exchange or creation of understanding, thoughts, emotions, and ideas between receivers and senders. It is highly important in maintaining and building relationships in the workplace. It is therefore important to enhance communication in an organization using an effective tool or strategy.

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One of the best strategies that a leader can employ to improve communication within an organization is communication audits. Communication audit involves the analysis and measurement of the organization’s communication system to develop a basis for diagnosing the communication practice quality. Communication auditing entails the evaluation of existing communication practices to establish the steps needed for improvement. The auditing will involve the adoption of a communication assessment tool that comprises five main components that include social contact, central leadership, information comprehensibility, timing and quality, influence created in any communication, and a barrier to communication improvement (Christensen, 1).

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The auditing strategy can result in the adoption of more advanced strategies that focus on resolving the identified deficiencies or problems in the existing communication system. For instance, in the identification of poor social contact between workers and leaders, the leader can consider adopting a communication system with more diverse communication channels that offer direct communication between workers and senior leaders without need to go through other intermediates. This can include using emails, internally integrated voice calls, open communication forums with leaders, and social media among others.

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Lack of workers’ social contacts can be resolved by developing organization professional network or workers discussion forums among other means. To address poor central leadership communication can result in the establishment of more physical or videoconference meetings between leaders, sharing private mobile phone numbers among leaders for free communication at any time among others. Communication auditing strategy acts as the first step into the integration of other new strategies and tools to enhance internal communication in an organization, as a way of enhancing the organization’s internal communication even further (Christensen, 1).

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