Methods for Motivating Employees and Improving Behaviors within the Workplace

Motivation according to Rozman, Treven, and Cancer (4) energizes behaviors, offers direction to behaviors and underscores persistence tendency. Motivation thus plays an important role in influencing workers’ behaviors, implying that the organization must find the best strategies to motivate its workers. Motivation can be achieved by creating a favorable working environment. A favorable working environment is characterized by respect for all despite the level of diversity in the workforce. This means there is no discrimination, stereotyping, bullying, or any other form of harassment based on discriminative aspects (Rozman, Treven, and Cancer, 4).

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Other methods of motivation include the provision of competitive compensation. This includes offering salaries slightly above the market price, incentives for good performance, and prerequisites where possible. The organization can also motivate its workers by having a favorable workers management system that is characterized by talent management and workers’ development. This is mostly done through workers’ training, mentoring, and coaching, as well as internal promotion and salary increase based on individual workers’ performance. An organization should conduct workers’ appraisal frequently and give feedback on workers’ performance.

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To remain motivated, the organization should establish a constant feedback program to assist workers to work on their weaknesses to improve performance. Workers should encourage to take challenging tasks that will enable them to invest in research and development for personal growth. Incentives should be offered to encourage this. For interested parties, the company should offer them enough free time to work on discoveries, ideas, and innovations. This will give workers a chance to grow and to remain focused on their careers (Kumar and Kumar, 3). Workers’ behavior and motivation can also be influenced by the alignment between individual academic and professional qualifications and the assigned working position. Workers whose qualifications are aligned to their job description tend to be highly motivated and willing to try more challenging tasks than those whose qualification does not align with their job description.

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This means to ensure that workers remain motivated an organization needs to hire the right people for the job; the most qualified, based on the job description. To influence on workers’ behavior, the organization should adopt an organization culture that dictates the organization’s norms and practices. Workers’ behaviors can also be influenced by the organization policy that dictates rules and regulations to be followed in an organization as well as consequences on not following them. Organization policies should also guide on how to report and resolve disputes, to avoid serious conflict likely to impact workers’ relations. This will help in managing people’s behaviors by limiting their extent due to defined consequences (Ukandu and Ukpere, 5).

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