Ways to Motivate an Employee Who Is Attending a Training Class

While majority of the employees might be willing to attend the training, others may be reluctant. The role of the trainer is to increase the motivation of the employees by highlighting the importance of providing high quality service to the customers. There are various ways of motivating such employees. First, the trainer should emphasize pay for performance. This implies that employees with the best customer feedbacks will receive some rewards (Huselid et al., 1997). As such, the reluctant employees will underscore the importance of receiving extra training in order to improve their service hoping to receive a reward at the end of the day. Indeed, Montana & Charnov (2000) assert that pay for performance is one of the most motivating strategy among the employees.

Another way that the trainer could motivate reluctant employees is by pinpointing various opportunities that exists within the organization regarding customer service department. The employees who possess the most experience and training relating to customer service will be recommended to the HR department for promotion (Huselid et al., 1997). This will arouse their interest of joining the training session as way of accumulating training and experience of excellent customer service. In fact, many employees expect that they will experience career growth and development while working for an organization (Montana & Charnov, 2000). As such, future promotions can lure and motivate the unwilling employees to attend customer service training.

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