Impartiality – Leadership Trait that can assist in Managing Conflict

Conflict refers to a concept that describes differences of opinion or disagreement between people and any issues experienced due to these differences. It is the natural outcome of the interaction between individuals with varying desires, traits, needs, and values. When a conflict happens, it needs to be resolved to make it possible for people to effectively together or as a team. There are different approaches to conflict resolution. Different individuals adopt different approaches based on what they consider best to address the kind of conflict they are experiencing. However, despite the adopted approach, there are various characteristics or skills that a leader should have to be able to manage the conflict effectively. Some of these characteristics include neutrality, empathy, impartiality, awareness, stewardship, conceptualization, foresight, and persuasion among others.  Among them, the key leadership trait that assists in managing conflict is the impartiality (Jit, Sharma & Kawatram, 2).

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An impartial leader is a leader who does not favor any side or any involved parties. This is a neutral leader who listens to all accounts before deliberation. An impartial leader holds many other positive conflict management traits that eventually yield to a better outcome. This includes the ability to listen carefully as each group presents its account, need to gather all possible information that can support different accounts, and considering them before making deliberation, and active listening.  An impartial leader also tries to understand all the accounts with all involved and to discuss them deeply to every party’s satisfaction.  This makes it possible to manage and resolve conflicts in a manner that is more acceptable by all involved parties and hence creating satisfaction in the final deliberation of the issue (Jit, Sharma & Kawatram, 2).

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