Arne Duncan’s Leadership Traits and Behaviours

Arne Duncan is an American administrator born in 6th November 1964 by Starkey Davis Duncan and Susan Goodrich, and he has been secretary of education in United States since 2009. Arne had previously operated s chief executive officer for the Chicago Public Schools district serving in between 2001 – 2009. He was brought up within Hyde Park at Chicago; specifically his neighborhood included University of Chicago. Indeed, Duncan was administered in University of Chicago Laboratory Schools and later joined Harvard University where he graduated with degree in sociology in 1987 (Webster-Smith, 2011). His senior thesis which made him to go for a year leave to undertake a research within the Kenwood neighborhood, was named as ‘The values, opportunities and aspirations concerning urban under classes’ I have selected Duncan since he is endowed with sufficient eradication and leadership traits that are not presence in all individuals. Otherwise, this assignment shall revolve on behaviors and leadership traits of Arne Duncan (Lewis, 2011).

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Generally, there are diverse leadership endowed by Duncan and they are viewed to facilitate effectual and effective growth within the society. The leading howler is based on the contention concerning ‘unfiltered, straight-away contact which has been a core in shaping’ the way he views the world. This quality is evidenced through his routine of putting up with a network of ‘strivers’. For instance, his major criticism lies in his tendency to progress through each encounter with the public while reciting prepared remarks, ‘the impenetrable block of talking point’. In connection to this, Arne is witnessed to respect the limited responsibility of the federal government within the education which are recognized by all initial secretaries (Buskey & Karvonen, 2012).

Foremost, Duncan is confirmed to be more concerned about the issue affecting the education sector. Indeed, he is viewed to accept some grand assumptions made by Layton just to ensure that the society is in fine fettle. For example, he seem to ascertain that most Americans are appreciating public charter schools as an alternative of neighborhood schools, where most teachers assumed to be evaluated through some measures concerning the way their students perform particularly on standardized tests, as well as most nations who used to demand for K-12 mathematics and reading standards (Lewis, 2011).

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Genuinely, it is due to presence of Duncan that Americans were able to accept charter schools. This conclusion is backed by the surveys which indicated that individuals are normally contained with favorable opinion concerning charter learning institutions despite of them not being considered as alternative schools by some members of the community. However, the core judgement of diverse polling data concerning charter education sectors is that diverse individuals don’t realize what the mess they are putting themselves into. However, it is clear that Arne’s pro-charter policies have actually created awareness to immense charter schools, hence far crying from the conclusion that Americans vividly appreciate charters as being viable alternatives (Webster-Smith, 2011).

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Secondly, it is that Duncan was also concerned about gearing presence of quality education within the learning institutions. Precisely, Arne has played a greater role on ensuring that teachers are adopting the behavior of practicing student test scores that are employed during their performance assessment. Indeed, Duncan had introduced this evaluation criterion to ensure that students are being subjected to tasks or lessons which they will be able to handle with least easiness without encountering much struggles or difficulties (Webster-Smith, 2011).

Moreover, Duncan is observed being instrumental in gearing states to take-up new Common Core State Standards as way of pressurizing efficiency and effectiveness of educational matters within the society. Apparently, after the review of these principles it was agreed that these new reigns are critical on bringing about advancement of the existing rules, though few individuals consider that older standards in some nation including those applied in Florida and California are more effectual as compared to Common Core (Webster-Smith, 2011).

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Despite immense criticism, Duncan is confirmed to employ his mandate effectively hence managing to raise education performance and standards through improving teacher and principal quality, and also heightening learning alternatives. Indeed, this proves that Arne is hardworking, aggressive and he is endowed with commitment. Genuinely, his movement was cumbered with lots of antagonism from diverse individuals whom employed political issues to ensure that everything does not continue smoothly. However, it is due to above traits that Duncan managed to unit education reformers, principals, teachers and business stakeholders behind an insistent   revolution agenda that entailed establishment of more than one hundred learning institutions that were expanded after-school and during summer learning programs, increasing early childhood and college entry, closing down lesser performing learning institutions, drastically reinforcing the caliber of tutors, as well as instigating public-private relationships around immense education initiatives (Waite, 2014).

Genuinely, it is due to the above elements that Duncan attained significant achievements while he was serving as the CEO. For instance, he managed to ensure that 66.7 percent of the elementary school students are always able to meet stated reading standards, as well as ensuring that their math scores has reached a high level and this is confirmed by 70.6% or more attaining the stated standards. For instance, at high schools, Chicago Public Schools, it was confirmed that students had posted a gain on the ACT three times the rank of national achievements and nearly double that of the nation. Similarly, the number of passing AP classes was viewed to multiple and the graduation rates increased hence boosting the total number of higher learning scholarships given to CPS students (Lewis, 2011).

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Moreover, Duncan is also confirmed to be courageous and determined throughout his tenure. This is confirmed while he encountered lots of opposition from some government members as wells as from various leaders in educational sectors who failed to realize importance of brining about revolution within the education field. At this juncture, Arne is observed to face the conflict and battle with lots of confidence and he never emerged to be destabilized or shaken. Instead, diverse of criticisms was providing him with more and more power to carry on with the battle hence becoming firm in his stand (Buskey & Karvonen, 2012).

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In addition, Arne is also viewed being more concerned about the future of young generation particularly scholars. This is confirmed during his immense tour focused at bettering the education sector hence providing young individuals with sufficient opportunities of getting significant annihilation. For instance, he created a way by which students could obtain scholarship thus enabling them to advance their education without encountering much hardship or struggles. Similarly, Arne was also caring and he was not selfish since all what he did was not aimed at benefiting himself but were targeted to benefit the society at whole. While summing up, this essay has provided precise and detailed information concerning leadership behaviours and traits of Duncan Arne (Lewis, 2011).

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