Ethical Responsibility From FBI Director’s Perspective

Ethical responsibility entails providing public service in a manner that prioritizes adherence to ethical behavior and conduct. This approach ensures that a public servant is guided by a moral sense to be of straightforward service and in accordance with the relevant laws (Bowman & West, 2018). All public officials are expected to have a great sense of ethical responsibility in order to provide services of the highest quality. As an FBI director, it is important to have a good understanding of all aspects of ethical responsibility as concerns the position.

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How social responsibility and public interest intersect

Social responsibility and public interest have many points of intersection in public service. Social responsibility is an ethical principle that guides the service of public officials in ensuring that all their actions are for the benefit of society at large (Argandoña, 2017). As such, this ensures that public officials have to carry out their duty in a manner that is self-less and with the intention of directly putting the society at an advantage. Public interest describes the shared concern by everyone in the society in how a public office is run. Social responsibility and public interest meet where there is a balance between the welfare and growth of the society. As an FBI director, it is essential to realize this balance in order to be efficient in service delivery.

Responsibility to stakeholder from an ethical standpoint and how a code of ethics or oath of office informs your ethical responsibilities

As an FBI director, my responsibility is to ensure that the FBI performs its civic duty of protecting the United States and all American citizens. The FBI is tasked with protecting the country against terrorism and intelligence threats such as cybercrime. The agency also helps in upholding criminal laws in the country. From an ethical point of view, it is expected of me to provide honest service that is constitutional and beneficial to all Americans. The code of ethics of serving in the FBI requires one to uphold the laws of the United States and to be dependable in all legal matters that pertain to the duties of the FBI. This code of ethics helps in providing a compass that directs one while in service.

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How i will make the decisions necessary to ethically execute my position as a public administrator in the role of an FBI director

The decision-making process is crucial in ensuring that the code of ethics is adhered to as expected. Making decisions is a delicate responsibility that requires wide consultation and consideration of many factors before choosing to go in any given direction (Dyer, 2017). In order to ensure that I execute my actions in the most ethical manner, I would ensure that I consult with all my assistants as well as the advisors to my office. It would also be prudent to ensure that all the necessary investigations are conducted, and all the facts are gathered, before embarking on any decision. As the agency is a department guided by facts, this approach would ensure that the department works within its mandate at all times. This approach will also ensure that I guide the department in the expected fashion. Another important principle would be to take all complaints from the public with the right attitude and a sense of responsibility. This would help to enjoy great confidence from the public.

 Suggested code of ethics for the administrative role

The code of ethics that FBI officials are required to adhere to is robust enough in order to ensure that everyone in the agency serves the interests of the public at all times. All that is required for an FBI director is to understand the code of ethics in a better way and to adhere to them. The main role of the FBI is to safeguard the lives of all Americans, as well as their property. Fulfilling these roles dutifully is one of the main ways of adhering to the code of ethics. All prosecutions that the agency carries out should be based on truth.

Why it is essential for to conduct self in a legal and ethical manner and how failure to conduct self in an ethical manner affect various stakeholders

It is important for me as an FBI director to conduct myself in a legal and ethical manner. This is because it ensures that all my actions are in concert with law. Firstly, this prevents any situations where the organization can find itself embroiled in scandals due to engaging in illegalities. Secondly, this will ensure that I also protect my job. Conducting myself in an ethical manner ensures that I serve all Americans with integrity at all times.

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In conclusion, ethical responsibility provides the basis for strong and credible public service. Understanding where public responsibility and public interest meet is essential in ensuring the highest level of ethical responsibility in public service. The highest role of an FBI director is to protect property and lives. Adhering to the highest levels of ethical responsibility makes it possible to adhere to the relevant laws and code of ethics.

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