Effective Communication and Cultural Competence within Healthcare facilities

A well-integrated communication in healthcare facilities.

The healthcare sector if full of dynamics and diversification in which their incorporation calls for an effective mode of communication within the various healthcare service facilities. The healthcare uses the art of communication as an essential tool towards the achievement of productivity and maintenance of strong working relationships at every level of the organization (Darley& Royal College of Nursing, 2002).

A well-integrated communication within the healthcare facility becomes a crucial integral part of the activities co-ordination and facilitation of various aspects of the organization. Employees who have invested their energy and time in delivering explicit lines of communication generally build up high levels of trust among employees and the management team, resulting into increases in output, productivity and maintaining high levels of job morale.

Effective communication becomes a vital building blocks to successful organizations. A well-integrated communication becomes essential in health care in a number of ways: An effective communication is important to the healthcare service facility in that the managers of the organization use it in performing basic functions of management, for instance, organizing, controlling, staffing, and planning. Through communication the mangers can perform their responsibilities and duties (Bryan, 2009, p. 148). Every aspect of critical of essential information is communicated to the managers who in-turn communicate the plans so as to ensure they are implemented. Additionally, there must be effective communication among the team leaders and also with their subordinates in order to facilitate the course of achieving the stipulated goals.

Communication is a critical source of information to the members of the organization in rationalized decision-making process since it helps in identification and assessment of alternative course of actions.

The two methods that the healthcare facility uses as their primary mode of communication are:

  1. Written communications dispatched through mail- These take the form of statements details on payment schedules and tax liabilities.
  2. Oral communications- This takes divergent approaches such as clients to the healthcare facility making inquiries through phone calls. There is direct communication from the management to the employees and vise versa, and also among the management and employees themselves (Van, 2009).

Cultural competence in the U.S. healthcare system

The cultural diversity within the American society has been a factor which calls for clear consideration and strategized tackling measure due to the diverse backgrounds of the American nationals (Rose, 2013). The U.S. healthcare system is a sector that strive to embrace the ability to interact effectively with personalities of various socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.

Cultural competency becomes critical towards ensuring reduced healthcare disparities and improving the access to higher level-quality healthcare, for instance a healthcare that is responsive and respectful to the needs of the diverse patients. A well developed and implemented framework of cultural competence ensures that the agencies, professional groups, and the system itself to effectively function in understanding the needs of the various groups accessing the healthcare or health information-or the research participants within an inclusive partnership in which the provider and the information user converge on common ground (Kosoko-Lasaki, Cook & O’Brien, 2009).


The healthcare facilities should acknowledge that an efficient and effective communication system entails managerial efficacy in delivery and reception of messages. Analysis of different barriers to communication should be timely done by the line managers, scrutinize the reasons such occurrence and institute preventive measures to avoid the hindrance created (Bryan, 2009). The prime responsibility of a manager is to ensure he/she develops and maintains an effective communication system within the healthcare facility.

According to the study by Gibbons (2008), effective cultural competence in the U.S. healthcare system is a great step towards achievement of equitable, affordable and respectful healthcare services to the patients of divergent backgrounds.

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