Significance Of The Triumph Of Christianity Over Paganism

The passing of transgression and religious sensuality.

    • Using Evans, Bataille, and Nietzsche, what is the Significance Of The Triumph Of Christianity Over Paganism?

Bataille supports the triumph of Christianity over paganism stating that Christianity has saved the word from Crime. According to Bataille, the pagan faith appears to be monstrous because it prevents people from understanding the Gospel. Christianity prevents people from committing crime because it has brought about “light”. He adds that Crime wants night, and bringing crime to light tends to dissolve it. According to Evans, Christianity is both an urban and a rural phenomenon because it requires everyone to accept a common belief system. Therefore, it is really a good thing than Christianity replaced paganism because it plays a very big role in uniting the world (Bataille, 2001).

Nietzsche’s thoughts about the significance of the triumph of Christianity over paganism tell how deeply he assesses metaphysics, the history of mankind, and his revaluation of moral and values. This atheist despises Christianity by claiming that it teaches human beings wrong values, it has a false moral strength, and that Christianity prefers dishonesty and weakness (Nietzsche, 1968). In his views, Nietzsche feels that Christianity is against the truth and religious sensuality, and it has replaces positive values with morbid piety and blind faith. Moreover, Nietzsche believes that Christianity is essentially anti-scientific since the whole faith is focuses on obscuring physical truth. To explain his point, Nietzsche narrates that Christianity thwarts all questions that are inclined to science. Since Christianity has no point with reality, it tends to mislead the society more than paganism did. Nietzsche sees Christianity as a religion formed by flotsam of humanity, and one that is steeped in illness and sickness (Nietzsche, 1968).

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