Comparison – Buddhism and Christianity

Christianity is a faith based upon the instructions and miracles of Jesus.  The word Christ means anointed one, therefore, Jesus is the Christ. Jesus is the anointed one from God the Father who satisfied the Old Testament laws and prophecies when he came to earth, died on the cross, and rose from the dead physically. Buddhism is a path of put into practice and spiritual growth leading to imminent into the factual nature of realism. Buddhist practices get fond of contemplation are means of altering yourself sequentially to extending the qualities of consciousness, compassion, and wisdom.

The reality is, even though one can get many realities in Buddhist a tradition, Buddhism is in various points unable to get along with Christianity (King, 1963). Upon assessment of elementary Buddhist and Christian beliefs, it promptly becomes understandable that there is an obvious dissimilarity amid the tradition of Christianity and those of Buddhism. Even though you may pay attention to some Buddhists assert that they believe the same things, though there are numerous paths to God, various elementary Buddhist traditions are in actual fact absolutely conflicting to those of the Biblical Christianity.

The main difference between the Buddhism and the Christianity gets seen in the belief of the God the creator. The Nicene Creed, the mainly extensively used Christian creed, affirms that “We accept as true in one God, the Father Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth, and of the entire things noticeable and indiscernible”. However, the idea of theistic creation is usually unfamiliar to Buddhist contemplation, and the query of the continuation of God is possibly one of the mainly essential barriers between the beliefs of Christianity and Buddhism.  Although, Mahayana Buddhism puts across faith in Bodhisattva this is extremely diverse from the conception of Creator God in Christianity. While some differences of Buddhism accept as true in an uncongenial external Buddha or trikaya in all-purpose Buddhism views unfilled space as everlasting and devoid of a preliminary point of creation

However, according to historian Jerry (1992), there are some similarities between the Buddhism and Christianity. Therefore, the main similarity is that Jesus Christ also lived preceding lives and it is clear that as it is believed by the Buddhism he reached a high position, either as a Bodhisattva, or a progressive person, all the way through Buddhist put into practice on something like that.

It is clear that, though Buddhism and Christianity have a little similarity, the differences are diverse. From the experience I have Buddhism has no similarities with the Christianity. The way Buddhist beliefs and do at their temple it is contrary with what Christians do at their church.  My assessment is that Buddhism is more human to human and reaching the highest point in life, while the Christianity is more human to God and they believe on getting eternal life as an achievement. Moreover, Buddhism faith does not recognize the trinity which is a very vital concept in Christianity belief. Although, this difference are experienced in daily life there other more difference that are not noticed physically and therefore, some cannot be seen.

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