Islam versus Christianity – Compare And Contrast Essay

Islam and Christianity are both Abrahamic monotheistic religions, with both believing in one God though Christians believe in One God in holy trinity; God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The two religions have holy book containing God’s message to His people, with Muslim Quran being written by one prophet; Muhammad and Christians’ bible being a collection of many books written by different God’s prophets, Jesus disciples and kings. They both believe in prayers, fasting, worship and charity. However, Christians believe in sacraments while Islam believes in pilgrimage. While Christians are founded on Jesus Christ, Islam is founded on Prophet Muhammad. While Christians believe in original sin, with purification through baptism, Islam believes in purity during birth and duty to retain this purity by doing what is right. While Christian congregation is led by priests, nuns, bishops, monks and monks, Islam congregation is led by Imam, Mufti, Sheikh, Mullah and maulana. However, unlike Christians, Muslims do not embrace women leadership (Diffen, n.d.).

Another major difference is that Christianity literary means Christ’s followers while Islam is an Arabic word that means obedience, peace, submission and purity. While Christianity perceive marriage as a holy sacrament and involving only one partner, Muslim believes in marrying at most four women, and harshly oppose celibacy and monasticism. The official Islamic language is Arabic while the official Christianity language includes Latin, Greek and Aramaic. Islam is extensive spread in Asia-Oceanic, Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe and Middle East-North Africa with only a small percentage in America. Christianity on the other hand is found in Europe, New Zealand, South and North America, Australia and Parts of Africa and Asia (Diffen, n.d.).

Christianity was widely spread during the middle age. It was also experiencing division between Christians and Protestants. The Christianity states were normally governed by bishops who were acting as the main church leaders with assistance of priest and other church leaders. They also worked in collaboration with the empire of the region in most cases. Islam was spreading during that the middle years. It was mostly characterized by crusades to spread the religion. The Islam was headed by caliphs with the main focus of the religion at this age being spread wide.

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