Islam in the Seventh Century And The Early Muslim Culture

Islam religion was established by Muhammad in the 7th century in Mecca near the red sea. Muhammad who claimed to be God’s messenger similar to Jesus and Moses was receiving messages from God which he wrote in Quran. These messages acted as the law that governs Muslims’ ways of life today. Muslims believe is based on five pillars. The first one is known as shahada which is a testimony of oneness of God. They believe that there is no any other God other than Allah. They also believe in Muhammad as God’s prophet (Mckeefery, n.d). The second pillar is salat which is the prayer where every Muslim is required to pray five times a day including in the evening, early in the morning, sunset, noon and in the mid-afternoon. The prayer should be done while prostration and bowing to show submission to Allah, and facing Mecca. They also perform Dua which is impulsive private player though below the normal worship.  The third pillar is zakat that represents giving in charity. The fourth pillar is sawm which represents fasting in the designated month of Ramadan during the day with exception of the sick and pregnant women who are required to compensate while they can. Children are also exempted. Fasting is broken in the beginning of the following month at a feast known as Id al-Firt. The last pillar is Hajj which is a pilgrimage to Mecca which every Muslim is required to participate in Mecca pilgrimage at least once in their lifetime (Mckeefery,n.d).

Muslim culture changed the life of the people a great deal. It introduced the culture of women covering themselves completely and set other rule such as number of women to marry, how to handle various life related cases, gender role division and way of conducting business among other issues. Islamic established a law that governed its followers on how to live their life. The main Islamic culture accomplishment includes enhancing literacy to permit people to read the Quran and other religious stories written by Muhammad. They also made a great contribution to the industrial development, change of women life and spread of their religion (Mckeefery, n.d).

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