Is Justice Served When a Defendant is allowed to Plea Bargain?

A plea bargain refers to an agreement between a prosecutor and defendant, where the defendant accepts to plead no contest or guilty in exchange for prosecutor’s agreement to downgrade a charge to a less serious offense, to drop a single or more charge, or to recommend a particular sentence to the judge as permitted to the defense (Berman, 2020). Plea bargain works mostly to favor the offender and the criminal justice system.

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Do you feel that justice is served when a defendant is allowed to plea bargain his or her case in court? Why?

However, I do not feel that it serve any justices to the victim. A victim deserves to see the offender punished for the crime committed and nothing lesser. This is especially important in a situation where the victim feels he/she has enough evidence to ensure that the offender is punished for this particular crime that he or she committed. In this situation, a plea bargain does not result in any justice. However, in a situation where the prosecutor is sure that the offender committed the crime but does not have concrete evidence to justify this, then there is a high likelihood of losing the case. This would mean that the offender does not receive any punishment despite subjecting the victim to so much pain. In this particular case, a plea bargain is much better than losing the case.

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Although it does not serve justice fully, it offers some sense of satisfaction to the victim and gets the defender to suffer for his or her action enough. A plea bargain is also unjust to suspects who did not commit a crime or who are not guilty. These individuals are forced to accept an offense they did not commit to avoid a punishing system that is characterized by the delay before judgment is served and unmanageable cost. The suspect thus gets to suffer the punishment of an offense they did not commit just to ease the system. I consider this to be highly unjust. 

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