Effective Leaders Should Live for Eternity

Leadership is a form of power where an individual has the aptitude to change or influence the attitudes, values, behavior, and beliefs of other people. An individual with strong leadership aptitude will be a role model or good example to their workers, since the leader that is capable to effectively attain good results, admiration, gains, and trust of the followers, and inadvertently alter their attitudes, values, behavior, and beliefs, for imitation is the most sincere kind of flattery.

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According to Hao and Yazdanifard (2015), leaders who have strong leadership contain the strength to influence followers to attain the objectives and goals of their life or organization. An effective leader gives clear directions to the follower and also leads their followers to commit to their work and jobs as a group to attain the organization’s goal and objectives. An effective leader normally has a clear company vision and thus, he/she can effortlessly identify the obstacles and problems that presently stand between them and the organization’s objective. In this manner, they can efficiently and effectively bring about the essential reforms that will push the company to the future keeping well-informed with modern modifications in the business world. An effective leader also contains attributes that include vision, passion, trust, and consistency that allow them to build employees’ trust (Hao & Yazdanifard, 2015).

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Effective leaders live for eternity because their legacy never dies. What they instill in their followers is passed to future generations. Their leadership style and principles are adopted by others to solve their organizational problems. This means that the success of an effective leader is passed over to others and used as a gauge to measure others’ leadership abilities. Their leadership philosophies are used as the guiding principle to build and develop future leaders. These principles can eventually be defined as a law that guides others to attain effective leadership. This is why it is confidently believed that an effective leader lives forever. They always leave a permanent mark wherever they pass in their life and hence they leave a legacy that will leave from one generation to another to eternity.

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