Facebook As A Business Marketing Option

Marketing a business on Facebook is a simple as creating a free business page and continuously engaging with over a billion users who use this site regularly. Facebook has many tools applicable to small and large business marketing as well as powerful advertising options that enable business owners to engage with their customers directly. This paper seeks to discover exactly how Facebook is utilized as a marketing strategy, the benefits associated with using it and the contraindications of utilizing social media platforms for marketing.

How Facebook is Utilized as a Marketing Strategy

Discovering a profitable niche isn’t enough to have a thriving business. It is necessary to inform others about the kind of products and services you offer. One way to do this is to run an ad via traditional print and electronic media and incur a lot of expenses that may not target the right kind of clientele for your business. Another way you can approach marketing is to go on Facebook and create a free business page, post regular engaging content, promote your page through coupon promotions, link your page to your business website, engage your audience through content that sparks conversations, host contests and encourage others to share with other users on the site. By engaging with many users on Facebook, business owners can also get leads in the form of email addresses to help them stay in touch with their audience outside of Facebook and enjoy the benefits of the highly targeted inexpensive ads.

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Popular businesses that have an active presence on Facebook include Earthogy, which is a business that deals in the retail of ancient gems and modern jewellery. This site provides active engagement with users through the use of pictures and makes use of discount promotions to generate leads and increase its customer base. The Chicken Chick at Egg Carton Labels by ADozen girls has utilized a rare and unique niche, provides maximum engagement with the audience and has exemplary use of contests for promotions. This site deals with the sale of chicken egg cartons. Pool supply world is an online retailer of swimming pool and spa parts and products. This site employs great use of call to action posts that sparks engagement from the audience and builds on existing followers.

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Benefits to marketing a business through social media platforms such as Facebook

There are several other benefits to marketing a business through social media platforms such as Facebook. These advantages include; (1) Low Marketing expenses compared to marketing using traditional print and electronic media. (2) Incredibly targeted ads that reduce the cost of advertising, provide the business owner with statistics in the form of insights and are easy to comprehend even for the common man. (3) Facebook marketing is also an excellent way to build loyalty to a brand. Users are inclined to trust businesses that are active, responsive and post engaging content as compared to those that have poorly run pages with boring content. (4) Facebook can also drive traffic to your site through the full-width thumbnail images that draw attention from the audience and are more likely than not to get clicked on by users. (5) Facebook also gives business owners the option of watching what competitors in the same niche are doing, get tips for best practices, break bad habits and improve their page altogether. (6) Facebook also provides real-time interactive customer feedback through reviews, comments and ratings that assist business owners when making initiatives to improve on products and services. (7) Facebook is also a mobile ready site makes businesses conveniently accessible to users who are almost always on their phones.

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Marketing a business on Facebook is becoming more and more important for every business to have a presence on social media. Most people get their news from their phones, shop and communicate with others online. Based on these new trends, marketing a business on Facebook carries an attractive set of benefits. However, some business owners use their leads to constantly hammer their followers with meaningless emails advertising affiliate products or useless junk that the followers did not subscribe to in the first place. Moreover, running a successful Facebook page requires the investment of manpower, hours and resources. Many businesses have to hire a full-time social media specialists that should be skilled in creating engaging content and connecting with the audience. Moreover, business owners have to be aware of the right time to run contests and promotions and the right kind of sponsored content to run to prevent wastage of resources.

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Facebook business pages need to remain active and rapidly respond to the needs of the audience. Business owners must spend a considerable amount of their time responding to feedback and inquiries from audiences as well as addressing complaints from customers. Furthermore, not all feedback from customers will be positive. Negative comments from customers will remain present on the page as it is not considered prudent for a business to delete genuine negative comments which could alter the perception of the business in the eyes of existing and new followers.

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In conclusion, it is becoming increasingly necessary for business owners to establish an online presence in order to build their business. The use of free marketing through Facebook pages can expose businesses to a larger audience as compared to the use of traditional advertising methods. Additionally, running targeted ads and sponsored content enables the business to make numerous savings that could not be achieved by any other methods.

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