Mitigating Miscommunication When Marketing a Product or Service Across Cultures

Some Health care companies have a global footprint that spans across nations, languages, and cultures. As more areas of the world gain access to the internet, there is a greater potential for a company’s message to be miscommunicated when marketing a product or service across cultures. What strategies can mitigate this ?  

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How to Mitigate Miscommunication When Marketing a Product or Service Across Cultures

The recent permeation of globalization and its prominence in contemporary life is credited for the expansion of several healthcare companies across a hodgepodge of nations, languages, and cultures. As a consequence, more areas are gaining access to the internet which the increases the potential for a company’s message to be miscommunicated during marketing a particular product or service across cultures.

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Nevertheless, several strategies can be employed to mitigate this challenge and improve a company’s performance within a particular domain. One of the primary approaches to employ when marketing products and services across cultures is to ensure that the message is succinct and concise. This form of clarity minimizes the possibility that the message may be misconstrued through an overall reduction in the number of ideas being presented while being summarizing its core. It is also always advisable to amalgamate a team of specialists familiar with the local culture to serve as a go-between when relaying key ideas during the marketing of products and services (Turnbull & Valla, 2013).

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For instance, a multinational healthcare company seeking to market its products and services in the Indian region of Tamil Nadu would benefit greatly from marketing using the local Tamil Dravidian language. This should also be buttressed by ensuring that a company’s facts about the local culture are accurate to make certain their sensibilities are not violated while guaranteeing that the message is error-free. Furthermore, healthcare companies should also strive to ensure they remain relevant during this complex process to facilitate the smooth flow of marketing information in order to develop a connection with their intended target audience.

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