Comparative analysis of integrated marketing communications mix strategy – Sainsbury vs. Tesco

Do a comparative analysis of integrated marketing communications mix strategy for Retailers: Sainsbury vs. Tesco

Imagine that you are appointed as International Strategic Brand Manager for a mobile service provider of your choice such as Tesco . Given Sainsbury’s popularity within certain consumer groups it is one of your major competitors. Your company assigned you to provide a comparative analysis report which examines marketing communications strategies and mix used by Sainsbury’s versus tesco . Based on your report, your company will decide what action to take to enhance their market competitiveness by utilizing strategic marketing and branding tools.

You are expected to use intellectual skills and judgement and apply your theoretical knowledge on integrated marketing communications as well as your wider business knowledge to prepare a comprehensive analytical report which critically addresses these questions:

1.    What are the slogans and marketing messages used adopted? What type of media and marketing campaigns are used to attract consumers? What is the image projected to the consumers? How well they are working so far?

2.    What are the marketing communication strategies you would recommend to your company to enhance their competitiveness?

Report format***

1. E-Cover page (include the word count)
2. Table of Contents (with page numbers)*
3. Executive Summary (Max of a page of brief description of the report)
4. Introduction
5. Market Review (Perfume market within a specific country)
6. Literature Review (previous models/theories/framework to support your analysis and previous studies to support your argument)
7. Critical Analysis and Discussion (of the main two questions to identify a strategy to enhance competitiveness of your chosen company)
8. Conclusions
9. Recommendations (7 & 8 can be combined under one heading)
10. References (bibliography; sources used in the assignment)**
11. Appendix (only relevant, succinct material)

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