Socrates Of The Clouds Vs Socrates Of The Platonic Dialogues – Comparison And Contrast Essay

Two important point arises from the two pieces of work. First, the analysis indicated that Socrates of the Platonic dialogues is characterized as philosophical dialogue, while Socrates of the Clouds is categorized as a comedy. Therefore, the formation of the two is entirely different since the Platonic dialogues is the masterpiece of the serious philosophy. While the Socrates of the Clouds is masterpiece of entertainment with sole purpose of poking fun and making people laugh.

Secondly, Plato presented Socrates throughout in the Socrates Platonic dialogues as a philosopher whom he stood for truth and in his entire life he lived to pursue truth. In addition, Plato described Socrates as a courageous person who was not afraid of death. At some point, some of the Athenian citizens accused him as not believing in gods and was corrupting youths. However, Socrates vehemently disagreed with these sentiments. In his own submission, Socrates stated that “Indeed I get the impression that I am hated on account of these things, which is an indication that I tell the truth, and that this is the slander against me and that these are the causes.”

According to Socrates, he was doing favor to the residence of Athens city by questioning how things were carried out and this would benefit them. As a result, Plato presented Socrates as being persecuted unjustly for questioning things and standing for the truth. For instance, at one point Socrates companion attempted to get in out of jail but Socrates was against the move since he was a strong believer of law and not afraid of death. These presented unjust sentences, courageous death and the fruit of philosophy.

On the other hand Socrates of the Clouds presented Socrates as the worst kind of sophist and served the role of the head of the Thinkers. According to Aristophanes’ Clouds, Socrates has the ability to turn weak argument into becoming strong argument. Also, he can turn around a strong argument to become weak argument. In this case, Socrates is portrayed as not a student of truth and philosophy, but a rather a lost thinker who never settle down on something.

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