Solutions to Sexual Assault

Sexual assault can be termed as an act of physically engaging a person in sexual acts, touches, kissing, and fondling without that person’s consent. Globally, the issue of sexual assault has increased, leading to outrageous debates on the way to halt sexual assaults and to assist the victims. Sexual assault occurs to both gender, but according to researchers, the female gender is the most vulnerable victims of sexual assaults. The essence of this paper is to analyze the best solution to curb sexual assault.

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Public enlightenment on sexual assault is a preventive measure of sexual assaults. For decades, public enlightenment has been a significant tool in changing people’s beliefs, behaviors, attitudes, and social systems (Epprecht, 227). Eze, (63) argues that Sexual assaults are a preventable activity if proper public sensation and communication is carried out. Human right groups and organization has a great impact on creating awareness on sexual assault to all gender and ages. Koelsch et al. (567) argue that awareness campaigns are powerful tools in enlightening the public on sexual abuse matters as they inform and educate the public on factors that lead to sexual assault and prevention measures. Furthermore, in the route to champion public enlightenment on sexual assault, the media has a great role in communicating and heightening the public to fight against assaults (Linder et al. 231).

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The legal authority has a great role in preventing sexual assaults ranging from police service, policy makers, and the court of law. Akinlusi et al., (6) and Spohn, Cassia, and Katharine, (169) acknowledges that, there are many policies and the government department that are put in place to curb forms of sexual abuse, but lack of proper coordination have rendered efforts to stop sexually-related assaults futile. First, empowering the police department has a great significance in curbing sexual assault as they are in a position to; identify places vulnerable to sexual assaults, arresting the perpetrators, and liaising with the members of the public to identify the causes of sexual assaults (Finkelhor et al., 12). Enactment of new stiff laws and policies on sexual assault prevention is another government role to curb sexual assaults. Establishing new laws is significant as most of the existing laws are based on dealing with assaults rather than preventing sexual assault from being committed (Colombino et al., 163). The court also has a great impact on ensuring the culprits of sexual assault receives a tough punishment to act as a lesson to others with the intent of committing sexual harassment (Tasca et al., 1159).

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The establishment of comprehensive institutional frameworks program in charge of dealing with sexual assaults in schools and workplaces is another solution (Leisy, Heather, and Meleha, 1). According to (DeMatteo et al., 227) research, most sexual assault cases are committed at schools and home to the children and the university levels. This implies that establishing a functional institutional framework with the schools and in University will play a vital role for the pupils and students to open up and report sexual assaults attempts before that are committed (Espelage et al., 61).

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Additionally, the institution framework plays a vital role in schools. It will play a vital role in identifying the individuals and groups in the likelihood of committing sexual assaults acts to their colleagues (Bradshaw et al., 24). The establishment of a comprehensive institutional framework for dealing with an assault in school will be essential in creating an avenue for the victims and survivors of sexual assaults (Lyndon et al., 378). Since Sexual assaults are also committed at workplaces, the institutional framework program of dealing with sexual assaults in the occupation will be essential to prevent the next person from being a victim (Wyatt et al., 1035).

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In conclusion, sexual harassment is a global challenge that necessitates quick intervention. The solutions to sexual harassment are embedded in public enlightenment, legal authority, and the establishment of comprehensive institutional frameworks in charge of dealing with sexual assaults in schools and workplaces.

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