Comparison of Christianity and Yoruba Tradition

The Yoruba people believe in gods, who have supernatural powers. Similarly, Christianity in entrenched  in the belief of the supernatural powers of God, the creator of, human beings earth, seas and the giver of life and protection. However, the Supreme Being in Christianity is more defined, with God as the ultimate creator and Jesus as His son. In contrast, the Yoruba have many gods depending on the event. For example, they have god for harvest and gods for seeking define interventions (Ifa).

Christianity and Yoruba religions belief in life after death and that life after death is determined by the kind of life that one leads on earth. The Yoruba belief that leading good life will lead to union with good spirits after death. Christianity is rooted on the belief that leading a holy life leads to eternal life after death. However, the rituals in Christianity differ from those in Yoruba tradition. Whereas Christianity employs the use of communion, the Yoruba offer yams to appease gods.

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