Workout Plan for an Injured Basketball Player


Workout is an act of ensuring body fitness by ensuring that there are frequent exercises. Workout is done by both injured and non-injured individuals. It is commonly known that athletes should keep fit to enhance their optimum performance in the playground. Workout also helps in development of a healthy body. Workout for an injured individual is mostly done on minimal instances to ensure quick recovery. It is recommended that during injury, rest can be used as an appropriate way to facilitate quick recovery. However, rest can cause laxity in body muscles (, 2015). Workouts should illustrate details that an athlete should follow in order to ensure procedural performance of exercises. Workout, therefore, involves a detailed weekly plan on exercises that entails aspects of repetitions, sets and intensity.

How to Carry Out the Workout

The workout plan of an injured twenty four year old basketball player should involve performing physical exercises. Generally, the workout plan should be divided into two segments; the injured segment and the physically fit segment (Vacek, 2011). The plan takes a period of thirty six weeks with the first six weeks as injury workout weeks. The activities involved in the two workout plan segments are totally different. This is because the exercises performed under the injury period are basic while the exercise activities performed after the injury period are complex. Therefore, the workout plan should take into consideration of the two segments physical exercise activities for comprehensiveness.

The workout program should also ensure that repetitions, sets and intensity of exercises involved are up to their optimum. The involvement of repetitions in the course of the work out ensures that the program has a full range ofmotion throughout the exercises.On the other hand, sets ensure that the athlete has enough energy in the course of the workout. Finally, intensity will help in building the basket ball player’s strength to constantly do the exercises (, 2015). Therefore, repetitions, sets and intensity help in ensuring the basket ball player’s workout program is well utilized for athlete’s optimum performance.

Injury period workout segment

First week exercises

The workout program begins with the first six months of muscle relaxing. During these weeks, the ankle injury will be the main point of concentration. Exercises involved will be light and reflexive to ensure muscle relaxation (Greene & Stewart, 2013). During the first week mere warm up exercises will be involved. Warm up exercises should include dynamic warm up activities such as lunge with a twist, hip stretch with a twist, high kicks and jump squats. These exercises help in streamlining the muscle ligaments for a quick recovery. For instance, hip stretch with a twist and lunge with a twist enhances flexibility of the injured ankle’s muscles thus facilitating quick formation of fractured muscles.The warm up exercises will involve at least two sets a day and two to six repetitions in each set. The sets and repetitions will ensure that the required body intensity in the exercise is achieved. A set is a series of repetitions that help in maintaining the motivation involved during the warm up. In addition, the first week’s exercise would be carried out daily in at least three hours a day. However, the first week’s exercises should be under the directions of a doctor. The player during the first week should ensure he takes food rich in calories for quick recovery of the fractured ankle. Warm up exercises will, therefore, help normalizing the injured leg to the practice of workout.

Second to seventh week exercises

During the second to sixth week, exercises to be performed by the injured basketball player should involve cardio exercise. Cardio exercises involve the use of a rowing machine or the use of a stationary bike gym(Torres & Fitzpatrick, 2010). Before starting cardio exercises, the basketball player should perform some warm up exercises to ensure the athlete has normalized with the workout process. The stationary bike would be efficient if it involves performing cycling using one leg.Swimming in some instance would also help in the relaxation of the ankle muscles. Therefore, the three exercises, use of a rowing boat, use of a stationary bike and swimming, should be practiced alternatively between the second and sixth week. These exercises should be performed for a period of twenty minutes to one hour for a minimum of four days a week. In addition, a rest of five minutes should be guaranteed from one exercise to another. This ensures there is repetition and sets within the workout plan. Intensity of the exercises within the second to sixth week is enhanced by the actualization of circuits within the exercise period (, 2015). Circuits within these first weeks should be performed three to four times. Therefore, intensity, repetitions and sets ensure that the exercise performed maintain their endurance thus the weeks exercise will enhance the athlete’s upkeep and maintain his flexibility despite the injury.

Past injury period workout segment

The seventh to thirty six weeks’ exercises should now be more complex because the athlete’s ankle has fully recovered. Time to perform the exercises should be increased for an intensive workout plan. In these weeks workout plan, the target would not only be to achieve endurance but also to ensurethat strength, flexibility and balance in the athlete’s body are improved. These periods’ exercises should involve actual playing of basketball. However, basketball games should be started off with warm ups to ensure that the athlete’s chest has adjusted according to the playing conditions (Vacek, 2011). This helps in achieving the player’s optimum performance in the course of the game. Apart from playing the game, the basketball player should also take part in auxiliary exercises to ensure that the body remains intact and suitable for the game. Auxiliary exercises performed should include lifting weights and taking laps around the basket ball pitch. Lifting weights is an exercise that should be done intensely because it involves lifting weights using various body parts.  All body parts should be involved in the exercises to ensure uniform body build up during the workout program. Therefore consistency within the exercises should be maintained through the workout plan for enhancement of the athlete’s endurance, flexibility, strength and balance.

The workout plan for the exercises carried out within the seventh week and thirty sixth weeks should be scheduled in a systematic routine. Basketball games should be played daily for a minimum of one hour throughout the remaining weeks. Auxiliary exercises should also be done for at least one hour on daily basis. This ensures that the repetitions aspect is well enhanced in the workout program (, 2015). The repetitions in each of the weight lifting exercise should be made few to ensure that the basket ball player maximizes his training intensity.

Seventh to seventeenth week exercises

The number of repetitions to be performed in the weeks exercise is determined by the goal of each week’s exercises (, 2015). From seventh to seventeenth week, the goal of the workout should be increasing strength. Activities within these weeks should involve reverse lunge knee-up, plyo push-up, box drill and standing long jump. Reverse lunge knee-up involves standing on one foot like a karate kid. On the other hand, plyo push-up is initiated in a standard push up position then one jumps up off the ground and quickly claps. Box drill exercise involves firing up of the calves through balancing the right foot using a slightly bent knee. These exercises ensure low repetitions, one to eight per set to be specific, for a higher intensity. Therefore, during the seventh to seventeenth week, the basket ball player should ensure that he alternatively exercises on strength increasing exercises for better preparation of muscle build up.

Eighteenth to twenty ninth week exercises

From eighteenth to twenty ninth weeks, the goal of the workout should beto build muscles. Exercises done for muscle build up should include plyometric deadlift, lateral triple jump and front squat jump. Front squat jump is done by ensuring the chest is up, one is in a squat position and the hands are able to touch the floor. The player should than jump while in this position and ensure that he makes it to the highest height possible.  Lateral triple jump also applies a similar approach (Vacek, 2011). The athlete should practice this exercises frequently and alternatively between the eighteenth and twenty ninth weeks. These exercises require moderate repetitions, five to twelve per set, for moderate intensity (Torres & Fitzpatrick, 2010). The exercises should be done at least for thirty minutes daily throughout the week to ensure that moderate repetitions per set are realized.

Thirtieth to thirty sixth week exercises

Between the thirtieth and thirty sixth weeks, the goal for the workout should be to improve muscle endurance. Exercises to enhance muscle endurance should include pull ups, dips and pushups. Pull ups and pushups should be done by making sure the movements are done in a ninety degrees position. This helps in maintaining the rigidity of the muscle tendons. These exercises should be done at high repetitions, twelve to twenty repetitions per set, to ensure the player achieves lower body intensity (, 2015). In addition, the diet required during this weeks’ workout practices will be carbohydrates and a few proteins for maintenance of body energy. Plenty of water should be consumed to enhance hydration of muscles hence muscle endurance. This means that the overall workout program would have net the necessary requirements of repetitions, sets and intensity.


To sum up, the workout program for an injured basket ball player ensures that the player maintains his fitness despite the ankle injury. The workout schedule helps in improving the athlete’s body endurance, flexibility, strength and balance. In addition, quick ankle recovery is guaranteed by the workout and its nutritional requirements. Therefore, the basket ball player should adhere to the workout program for his optimum performance.

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