Artificial Intelligence, Its Application , Advantages and Disadvantages

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence refers to the capability of machines to learn, respond and adapt to behaviours just like human beings. The technology behind artificial intelligence is based on elements of statistics, math and biology and can utilize a variety of algorithms and models such as neural network, fuzzy algorithm, genetic algorithm and ant colony algorithm.

Application of Artificial Intelligence

The potential applications for Artificial intelligence are broad and cover commercial applications such as adaptive manufacturing where machines are able to learn how to perform tasks by learning from lessons and demonstrations just like human workers in training. Artificial Intelligence can also be used for personal tasks as a virtual assistant. AIs can also work as virtual agents, manage voice recognition software and facilitate a more effective robotic process automation in factories.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

The advantages of utilizing Artificial Intelligence are obvious. Tasks that would often take human beings several hours to accomplish can be done by AIs in a couple of seconds. Moreover, Artificial Intelligence will have an unlimited capacity to learn, manage and store new information, unlike human beings who are prone to forgetfulness. This will minimize human errors especially when it comes to manufacturing through the cost-effective and efficient technology of AI. Furthermore, Artificial Intelligence reinforcement learning will broaden its applications in real life and increase its reliability.

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

However, there are several downsides to Artificial Intelligence that should not be taken for granted. These downsides have been witnesses with every technological advancement since the industrial revolution when the amount of skilled and semi-skilled jobs available declined significantly due to the onset of automation in the manufacturing process. Apart from its capacity to transform the structure of the labour force, human overreliance on Artificial Intelligence that is sure to develop once scientists achieve a diversity of applications, could result to the extinction of the human race.

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