Casual Analysis Essay – Climatic Change


Climatic change is an environmental problem that has been frequently experienced through its adverse effects. Climate change is characterized by shifts in weather patterns, seasonal disorientation and global warming. Climatic change has been a challenge to most economy development sectors, such as farming, whereby a decline in productivity is experienced. Climatic change is caused by various causes. Environmental related causes of climatic change have mostly been cited to be the main contributing factor to the change. For instance, the use of chemicals in farming has brought about shifts in climate patterns (Kapnick & Hall, 2011). Climatic change causes should be addressed to ensure that there is climate stabilization. Therefore, climate change is an environmental contemporary issue of which more emphasis should be placed on its causes for proper actions.

Facts on Climate

Climate is an interrelated condition that depends on several aspects for its upkeep. Climate is dependent on the natural aspects such as plate tectonic activities, angle of sun rays and volcanic activities. On the other hand, climate depends on human activities such as the method used in farming and forestation principles. In addition, seasonal adjustments also affect the climate. This dependency of climate on various factors shows that climatic change as an environmental challenge is brought about by diverse factors. There are five climatic groups that were divided by climatologists Wladimir Koppen (Loginov, 2014). Moist tropical climates are characterized by hot temperatures and high humidity density. Desert climate are characterized by temperature variations and a dry humidity. Continental climate is also characterized by large temperature variations, dry physical surroundings and a moist humidity. Mid-latitude climates are characterized by distinct seasons which include damp winters and hot summers. Polar climates, on the other hand, are characterized by ice cold temperatures and presence of snow. These climatic groups were some years back known to be common and constant in specific regions. However, climatic change brought about the variation of these climatic conditions whereby one region now faces indistinct climatic conditions for an unknown time. Therefore, climatic changes have caused unpredictable weather changes hence an uncomfortable environment for humans to settle in.

Climatic Change Causes

Climatic changes have been caused by a variety of factors. The main cause of climate change is natural occurrences. These occurrences are commonly referred to as internal forcing mechanisms. Natural causes of climate change are linked to the earth’s atmosphere and hydrosphere. Winds have played a great role to climatic changes. Winds are manifested in form of ocean currents. Ocean currents contribute to either land or sea breeze which affects the earth’s atmosphere and humidity concentrations (Kapnick & Hall, 2011). Ocean variability brings about ocean currents whereby aspects of ocean thermohaline circulation help in distributing heat over ocean surfaces. This results to movement of water in the ocean thus causing a long term redistribution of heat. As a result, the climatic condition of areas surrounding the area with ocean variability changes. The climate may end up being uneven and unpredictable in the region.

Orbital Variations

Orbital variations are also a significant cause of climatic change. The earth orbits in a constant rate around the solar system path. However, slight variations occur that cause in its orbiting position. This causes a shift in sun rays angle with the earth’s surface. Distribution of sun rays is affected whereby some areas receive more sun rays than others. This causes strong seasonal shifts because they affect the earth’s glacial periods. As a result, temperature shifts are experienced and the earth’s precipitation rate increases (Mihajlov, 2011). This can cause an adverse climatic change because the precipitation levels may increase to an extent of an el-nino. In addition, orbital variations cause an amplified temperature change which also signifies climatic change. Therefore, orbital variations play a great role towards causing climatic change.

Volcanism and Plate Tectonics

Volcanism and plate tectonics cause climate change through aspects of excessive emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Volcanic eruptions release approximately one hundred thousand tons of sulphur (IV) oxide in the atmosphere. Sulphur (IV) oxide has high optical properties that absorb radiations from the sun. This creates a haze of suplhuric acid that eats up the ozone layer. As a result, ultra violet radiations penetrate through the ozone layer leading to increased temperatures in the earth’s atmosphere thus a change in climatic conditions (Mihajlov, 2011). In addition, the sulphuric acid haze formed in the earth’s atmosphere acts like a blanket preventing the circulation of air and humidity in the earth’s atmosphere.  As a result, rain patterns are interrupted causing change in a change in climate. Therefore, volcanic eruptions contribute greatly to climate change through emission of atmosphere hazardous gases.  

Plate tectonics also cause climatic changes through unnecessary movements they cause. Earth plates determine the process of ocean circulation. Movement of plates occurs between two or more plates contributing to a shift in atmosphere-ocean circulation. This shows that tectonic plates contribute to both regional and global climate changes. Ocean dynamics, created by plate tectonics, result to the creation of ocean breezes that influence the precipitation patterns (Loginov, 2014). In addition, ocean dynamics result to temperature shifts on the land thus affecting the climate. This results to great climatic changes as a result of temperature shifts and changes in precipitation patterns.

Changes in Greenhouse Effect

Greenhouse effect is the existence of a gaseous ‘blanket’ in the atmosphere that hinders efficient circulation of air. Circulation of air in the atmosphere is important as it helps in stabilizing climatic factors. The atmosphere has been experienced excessive harmful gases emissions that end up forming the atmospheric cloud of gases. For instance, emission of sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere contributes to formation of a sulphuric acid cloud (Kapnick & Hall, 2011). The cloud is formed in form of a haze that prevents radiations from being rejected off from the earth’s atmosphere. The radiations bagged in the earth’s atmosphere results to change in earth’s temperature. In addition, the radiations deplete the earth’s ozone layer thus allowing penetration of ultra violet rays. The rays that penetrate the earth’s atmosphere add onto the earth’s temperature leading to evaporation of humidity. Climatic change as a result of the greenhouse effect is also experienced in form of acid rain. The sulphuric acid cloud formed precipitates causing environmental devastating effects. Therefore, the greenhouse effect results to shift in earth’s temperature thus great climatic changes.

Human Causes

Humans have also led to climatic changes. Human have a great role in conserve the environment. Acts of pollution and degradation of the environment by humans contribute to adverse climatic changes. For instance, deforestation has caused climatic changes. Trees are known for their role in controlling the atmosphere’s humidity level and attracting rain (Loginov, 2014). Therefore, cutting down of trees contributes to climatic change through an imbalance in the atmosphere’s humidity and a shift in precipitation patterns. Therefore, human actions have led to a shift in climatic conditions through environmental degradation actions.


In conclusion, climate changes have greatly impacted economic activities. Climatic change causes case analysis show that some of the causes can be prevented. On the other hand, these changes are also caused by factors not controllable by humans. Climatic changes, therefore, are the resultant effects of either natural or human related aspects.

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