Action Plan to Prevent Plagiarism

This action plan provides details of how I intend to prevent plagiarism in my program. One of the best strategies that I will embrace in order to avoid plagiarism in my program is to try and write everything totally on my own. However, in circumstances where I will lack extensive knowledge about a particular subject, I will have to gather information from relevant resources, which will be cited appropriately in my paper. In this case, I will ensure that where I use other people’s ideas in my work, I will make it clear to the readers that I am not the original source of such ideas. This means that I will indicate sources that were not quoted directly in quotation marks to signify the ideas that are not originally mine. Besides, I will cite all sources that will have been used in any assignment in a proper manner. I will, also, ensure that facts, which do not fall in the category of common knowledge have correct citations. Furthermore, to ensure that I completely prevent plagiarism in my program, I will ensure that I learn and understand the information about the required styles. Besides, I will ensure that I gather information about the difference between paraphrasing and plagiarism to be able to avoid all forms of plagiarism.

To further prevent plagiarism in my program, I will consult my instructor and other relevant resources for more information regarding academic honesty and integrity. In this manner, I will be able to learn about my responsibilities and thus appreciate my commitment to the rest of my program. In continuously education myself, I will find out the correct definition of plagiarism and the correct ways of avoiding it. I will, also, adopt effective strategies for conducting research in order to be able complete assignments in a successful manner. For instance, where collaboration or cooperative learning, or group project activities will be required, I will need to have adequate comprehension of improper and proper cooperation, and the manner in which I should contribute to such projects. I will, also, ensure that I stay informed by constantly checking out additional information that my instructor will provide on the web. Besides, I will ensure that I pay close attention whenever any discussions about plagiarism occur in class so that I obtain the details I need. Also, attending sessions of bibliographic instructions will be essential for me so that I familiarize with the available resources in the library and be able to know how to use them.

I will, also, remember to prevent plagiarism in my program by controlling the way the topic will be presented and the manner in which arguments will be will be developed by utilizing information from relevant sources to be able to make my points. I will, also, consider the necessity of utilizing the correct citation styles as required by the discipline so that I paraphrase using the right techniques. I will, also, ensure that I acknowledge all the sources of ideas, organizational pattern, sentence structure, and wording by use of correct citation styles.

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