Alaska Airlines Strategic Plan

Alaska airline is one of the several Airlines that are based in The United States. The airline is owned by Alaska air groups, and it has its headquarters based in the suburb regions of Washington. Te first time the airline launched its service under the name Alaska airlines was way back in the year 1944. The airline has been able to grow far and wide over the years. Moreover, it currently covers areas such as Mexico, United States, Hawaiian Islands and Mexico. Statistics show that the Alaska airline has been responsible for the ferrying of passengers between the United States and Alaska more than any other airline has ever done so (Alaska Airlines). The current base of operation is the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. The airline has a sister airline known as Horizon air that is also owned by the Alaska Air groups and the two share a lot of common flight destinations. One year ago, the airline was ranked as the best airline when it comes to the satisfaction derived by the customers who use the flight services.


Being one of the leading airlines in the United States, has several objectives that it aims at achieving both in the short and the long run. For instance, it has an objective of generating revenue of upto 50 percent of the sponsorship it gets from its sponsors. One of the ways that it can generate such kind of money is through offering travelling services to the Seattle Mariners. Furthermore, any other teams that travel to attend away games normally do so via the use of Alaska airlines. The customers are able to get discounts from the company anytime they participate in their team web sites and other sites that are legally accepted by the airline.

Consumer engagement.

Apart from the above, mentioned objective, the company also has an aim of engaging their customers so as to b able to win their loyalty. Currently, te organization is working on a plan of recruiting at least 30- 50% of customers whom then can be enrolled in an email program. Currently, the company uses the sponsorship it gets for the purposes of making advertisements for the sake of the growth of the company. However, the management feels that using the sponsorship for the mentioned purpose is not being of benefit in any way. Therefore, the aim is to use the sponsorship in a better way for improved success of the organization (Alaska Air Gropu). The use of the sponsorship for the advertising purposes has in the past proved to be an expensive venture for the company.

Apart from that, the airlines also have an objective of making improvements on the type of technology that they use. The improvement in technology is supposed to uplift and improve the experience that the customers feel during the time that they take a travelling trip using the Alaska airline. A good example of the IT improvements that it aims to make is the introduction of the Wi-Fi services that the customers can use to surf over the internet while aboard the plane.  Creating such new services in commercial flights has never been easy. That process calls for the removal of the airlines from service, then the new technology equipment’s get fitted in the plane before a thorough test is conducted on the new system. Once that is complete then the governments’ agencies must make approvals before the flight is allowed back to carry with the commercial services.

PR Objectives

One of the PR that the airline company has had in the recent past was to create awareness among the customers on the installation of Wi-Fi on the leading Boeing 737-700 aircraft. The primary aim of the trial was to make the consumers aware of the fact that they could use their gadgets to browse over the internet as they were on their journey. The Wi-Fi services would create an easy way for the travellers to download their favourite music, games, music and webcasts. Moreover, the use of the Wi-Fi services could also play a part in making the customers get connected to the Virtual Private Network.

Apart from that, the company made tremendous efforts in making sure that it created a website of its own where customers could be able to get any form of information. Additionally, the objective of creating better IT services has helped in creating a self check-in for the customers. Finally, the company has an objective a platform through which it can link with its customers and give them the power to manage their travel plans with utmost ease.

Functional tactics

The Alaska airlines have been facing stiff competition from their arch rival Delta airlines and United Airlines that have been in the industry for some period. The chief executive of the Alaska airlines said that the Company will be working on new ways of getting more customers who are interested in using their services. Besides that, the organization will also re-organize on how it uses and manages its own finances. Such an organization will improve on the loyalty of the customers as well as the well being of the company’s shareholders. The team had previously acted with a lot of emotions when it first experienced a lot of competition from its competitors. However, the management is changing tactics and they now want to leave out the emotions and instead make the best strategic decisions that will make Alaska outshine the competitors.

Corporate image

The corporate image that has been built by the airline teams has enabled it to achieve a lot of growth in terms of the financial performance. For instance, the stock prices of the company have been able to increase with a margin of more than 300% for the last eight years. That is because of the loyalty and trust bestowed upon it by the customers. Additionally, the company has also managed to build a good reputation of offering quality services to the people of Alaska. For instance, members of that area are regularly flown to other areas where they can be able to get better stocks of what they need to purchase from Anchorage. Additionally, patients also get flown to Anchorage where they get attended to in terms of the medical operations and other emergencies that may occur.

Personal anecdote

The staff members who work for the Alaska airlines have been trained to handle the customers in a very professional manner. The approach that the customers get at the offices is one of the best in the whole world. The customers appreciate the way they are treated with a lot of respect and dignity by the staff members. Due to the good personality of the staff crew, most of the customers find themselves attracted to the Alaska airline.

Positioning and product

The good corporate image of the company is reflected by the logo that is normally found on the tails of all their aeroplanes. Moreover, the pilots who work for the airlines normally get one of the best training. The pilots get their training in all weather conditions, thereby making them experienced in handling planes professionally in all types of weather conditions and terrains. Such kind of training is normally meant to make the airline trips to be as safe as possible. Furthermore, the airlines recently launched the use of a new navigation satellite that also contributes to some extent on the safety of the passengers at all time (Business Insider).  The launch of the navigation satellite also adds to up to the reliability of the airline, thereby winning the confidence, trust and loyalty of the customers. Finally, its decisions to expand in new territories such as Mexico and the Hawaii have enabled it to get more customers than it had before (Business insider). As a result, the company is now able to generate a lot of revenues and thereby making more profits than it had been making before.

Task ownership

All the employees have been designed to handle specific tasks based on their professional area of training. The cabin crews have been trained to handle their duties in a professional way and they make sure that they do it to their level best. Besides the cabin crew, other employees who work at the airports also handle their duties in very competitive nature, thereby earning the organization a good reputation.

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