Analysis of how hospital data on specific nursing-sensitive indicators could advance quality patient care

The hospital data on particular nursing-sensitive indicators advance the quality of patient care with the health care services provision facilities in a number of aspects. Firstly this builds from the establishment of the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators by the ANA in 1998 in order for the ANA to continue collecting and building on the data obtained from the earlier studies and ensure further development of the nursing’s body of knowledge in relation to factors which have influence on the quality of nursing care.

Advancement in the quality of patient care throughout the hospital is only achieved through the linkages arising between the nurse staffing and the patient outcomes which had already been identified, though, a continued data collection and reporting in vital in the evaluation of the nursing care quality at the unit level and therefore fulfilling nursing’s commitment improving and evaluating patient care (Moorhead, Johnson, Maas& Iowa Outcomes Project, 2003). It is further noted that the nursing’s fundamental guidelines and principles identify that as a profession, nursing has the responsibility to evaluate, measure, and improve the practice. But all this is fulfilled on the basis of the available data of the health care facility on the particular nursing-sensitive indicators.

It is recognized by the Utilization Guide for the ANA Principles for the Nurse Staffing that in order to enable measuring sufficiency of staffing on an ongoing basis, at the most minimum level, the unit level nursing-sensitive structure, outcome indicators and processes need to be collected (American Nurses Association, 2010). The mission of the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI) is aid the nurse inpatient safety and efforts in quality improvement through provision of research based, national, comparative data on the aspects of nursing care and the relationship of such care to the patient outcomes.

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