Antifederalist Paper Number 9 Overview And Author’s Intent

Antifederalist paper number 9 initially appeared in an independent gazetteer on October 17, 1787. The paper is one of the rectification documents that were used as tools in the process of studying, debating and sometimes temporarily rejecting and later finally approving the then drafted constitution. “MONTEZUMA”, the writer, and who was regarded to be a Pennsylvanian wrote the paper with an intent of warning against the dangers brought forth by tyranny that served to weaken the then proposed constitution. The argument clearly enlightened that, the dangers were not adequately provided against.

The main assertion the paper passed was simply the statement that the government was at the time given too much power than it deserved to have in the proposed statute. The author, in the paper, explains of how some components of the proposed federation would serve as a plot to benefit the aristocrats.For example, as it is put in the paper,a noble body would in collaboration with the “top heads” have powers to execute decrees, borrow money at will and even possess power to make war without being questioned by the state legislatures.Such and much more arguments leads to a conclusion from throughout paper that, the new constitution was inculcated with an aim of restraining the power and influenceof the lower class(Gordon Lloyd, 2014).

Personally, if I lived at the time, I would agree to the ideas brought forth by the paper but only while making my arguments based on both sides of the matter.The federalists too had the sides of the story. Essentially, the government could only have been structurally organized while adopting a certain hierarchy. However, some rights and freedoms were deprived of some bodies and consequently those who were at the “bottom”. As such, like the antifederalist paper passed on these concerns, I could only agree with their arguments since tyranny would only evoke trouble.

The papers message is directly connected to today’s state of events. The government presently makes decisions and undertakes tasks that leave out the “lower class” out. Most of the times, the typical citizen and the state legislature have no room in some national affairs.

The antifederalist paper number 9 and other antifederalist arguments were the main foundations for the addition of the bills of rights in the constitution.

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