Article Summary – Cities Vow to Fight Trump on Immigration, Even if They Lose Millions

According to the article, the sanctuary cities, officials declared to act against mass deportations in a bulwark manner, even at losing the federal finances for local services. The situation has happened in New York where there is a large population of the Latinos. The leaders have pledged not to cooperate with immigration agents saying that the city will always be a sanctuary city. The essay is a summary of the article with views regarding the states and the cities trying to help illegal migrants in case they are faced with deportation.

The issue had also risen in Los Angeles where half of the population are Latinos. The conservatives in the United States have embraced the sense that the state and the city officials can assert themselves with immigration laws. The leaders have opposed taking away of funding as a result of law enforcement saying that the federal agents will be acting in an immoral and irresponsible manner. The leaders have accused the federal executive power of being an unprecedented overreach of federal executive power to take more of the taxpayers’ money. However, there have been remarks from the national immigration law center that the federal government could not compel states to conduct immigration enforcements. According to other legal experts, city officials are not capable of barring immigration agents, and there is the likelihood of them declaring a physical sanctuary on public property.

The stride taken by the city officials is very crucial since communities need to be protected so that they can carry on living their lives without fear of deportation. The community should assist the undocumented immigrants with resources while the cities should seek a way of offering legal services.

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