As An 18 Year Old, Male High School Senior, Are You Eager Or Fearful Of Going To War?

Male Gender

A boy is a male child and normally when he  grows  he is referred to as  a man  or rather gentleman, traditionally male gender had their  self  set attitudes   of acting like  a man and mostly  they tend to have masculine  ideology, normally as a man, the society perceive to be the strongest people  who act  tough and perform tedious  tasks, however, the perception that a male gender role is  seen to naturally flow  from personality traits  through to biological  sex characteristics, the rhetoric behavior  that a man must be a boss  must not detach  a man to participate in war or cause mayhem and humiliation to the member  of the society.

Stereotype of Male to War

The stereotype existing that the male gender must participate in doing hard jobs  like war must be eradicated in the society, this negativity affects  male gender because he may act out of the conscious to materialize the attributes given , this influences  the man’s behavior, the poor in the community or underprivileged will be  subjected to humiliation through performing difficult jobs, more so, they can be influenced  or recruited to perform different task  like going to war since they don’t have any option because they are hopeless and desperate. This increasing pressure particularly affect the masculine gender hence leading to high standard of intergenerational  conflict  where  they lose  touch  with the traditional values because they are particularly  susceptible in  committing socially disruptive acts,(Peterman and   Palermo, 2011).

International effects of male in war

Among the existing population, death rate will be increased as result of war arising due to combats. The countries whose males participate will decrease the population hence most families will suffer as result of single parenthood because their fathers might die during the war. Mostly the large deaths during the war are those of male who die in the line of duty trying to protect their territory from invasion or external attacks hence contributing to international crisis in development.

Economic Impacts of Male  Participating in War,

Globally allowing male to participate in war will have great influence on the economy, it is because they  believe  that male  gender  perform tasks like farming ,if they participate in war, there is fear that will lead to   economic decline,(Johnson 2010). In this case, there is need to initiate programs that will empower them to realize the needs of boosting economy by starting on an individual oneself not having the stereotypes. This intervention measures must be emphasized worldwide, hence, the reduction of violent that is  being engineered by men will be reduced, also, the policies will strengthen the gender relations in the United States thus enabling  men to protect the entire members of the community. The exposure of male gender to this program campaigns   will help address the existing stereotypes in the community

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