Aspects of Freedom Movements of 50s and 60s That Paved Way for Election of Barack Obama

The civil rights movement from 1954-1968 marked the period for change and the beginning of Martin Luther King Jr dream of a united racial free democracy. This is the most instrumental moment in history of the African Americans in the United States. These movements purposed to end the racial segregation and discrimination against the blacks. Martin Luther was a man of devout belief in rule for people and a brave fighter committed to social justice, respect for human rights and peace. Additionally, he was wise to note the impact of violence and war a reason that made him preach peace and campaign against the Vietnam War where millions of dollars were being wasted while people were perishing at home.

It is great men like Dr. King that rewrites history and leaves a better tomorrow for their generation. It is undeniably true that these movements were the pathfinder and a torch for president Obama’s yes we can campaign. Achievements from civil movement struggles laid the foundation for a multiracial democracy, where all irrespective of color, sex or race are responsible in serving the Americas. This therefore makes Obama a manifestation of the dreams of men and women who participated in this civil rights movement for a space and place for their children. The landmark piece of legislation that crowned these efforts was the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which banned discrimination based on race, color, religion or national origin.  In his most famous speech I have a dream; Dr. King talked of a moment when a people will not be treated on basis of their color, race, ethnicity or religion. The theme for equality and inclusion has taken root among the Americans. The multiracial democracy has been achieved although arguable on how well it has been implemented; it is a step in the right direction.

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