Assess Progress In Quantitative Reasoning And Quantitative Analysis

Quantitative analysis is  form of  formal study  which  is always  systematic and objective oriented  in studying   a  phenomena to generate information, normally, it is commonly used to  get diverse  information  about  the world. Quantitative  research method is used to  describe  the existing relationship  between two variables and how they are  related, the method is  greatly used by researcher in getting  reliable opinions  and to uncover  trends around the world.

Skills in Qualitative Research

The skills utilized  in the research is the mode of data collection which the researcher  should carefully choose, the measurement of the problem must be outlined in the  questionnaire so that it can address the scope of the study, for instance, in assessing the impact of drug abuse on the academic performance  of a child, there  is need  of adequate and bounding measurement in asking questions during the social survey, however, at times there are  lengthy  discussions  about how to do  in case of ethnicity  questions,  the conceptualization of quantitative analysis entirely depend on the practical activity of the measurement  of problem, the process of  forming  the operational definition maybe approached  after the  data is obtained and analyzed . As  a researcher .I  will try as much as possible to avoid unnecessary complexity  especially  arising in  the theory  interpretations ,here  the  findings must be precise to make the  points argued on the context of the research topic.

Role of research topic

According to Murphy & Nicoll ,(2007),the  prime role of research topic is basically to  guide he researcher during the process of his work with regard to his are of study ,   the topic  can be  to identify  the magnitude of drug abuse among the school children and how it impacts on their performance, having obtained skills on undertaking research, the topic approach will be  effective in using the quantitative approach, the area of study was based on the academic performance which was reliable because of the availability of the respondents who are the students. Moreover, the link between the measurement and theory was apparently a perfect choice since the  quantitative  research techniques will be  based on  causal content of abusing drugs.

Statistical Approach in Quantitative Research

Statistical approach will be used to sufficiently make a researcher understand the  existing relationship  between the variables by gathering data arising from the population sampling ,the statistics will enable us understand the hypothesis of the research, in this essence, we try look  the effect of drug abuse among the students and thus  it helps  in  understanding the probability of  findings through utilizing statistical knowledge like ratios or relative risks, the data analyzed can be  further  presented in graphs  for proper  interpretation, (Taylor & Tashakkori,1997).

Track of the research

Quantitative research gives an a in-depth facts  about the  certain subject matter being studied, here the specific thinks in  mind will be addressed .the thoughts captured will be utilize  with the aid of statistical skills ,this  accurately enhances research study, the information obtained from the field helps  in adding information and  thus it can establish  new field of understanding, for instance ,the  effects and the causes of drug abuse among the students is  rampant antis social behavior which within my  environment has resulted to negative attribute in the society , it further recommends  on the possible ways  to refrain from the practice.

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