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Global Forms of Organizing – Discussion

 Global Forms of Organizing Globalization of the workforce is of great importance as more human resources than ever before are crisscrossing the continent together with companies from different locations globally (Hamel, 2006). As more companies outsource labor or set base in countries apart from their own, they face a people of different cultures that may […]


Middle Range Nursing Theories and Evidence Based Practice

View-Point on Theory Middle range theories are said to be useful in both practice and research. They help practice by enhancing the understanding of behavior of a client, proposing interventions, and offering probable explanations for the level of the interventions effectiveness. Evidence based practice refers to conscientious employment of the existing best evidence in decisions


Negligence and Strict Liability – Ethical and Criminal Responsibility

Based on respondeat superior doctrine, an employer has control of the employee’s action, time and techniques of work. To ensure that an employee stays as within the required limit, the employer develop organization policies and code of conduct in which employees must follow. These policies have consequences for not following the provided policies which include


Research, Theory, and Practice Nursing Cycle

Research, Theory, and Practice Cycle Discussion Research, practice and theory interrelate with each other in nursing. Theory plays a major role in guiding practice. Theory is used in nursing to contribute insights regarding practice situations via goals provision for intervention, diagnosis, and assessment. Similarly nursing theory is shaped through practice. Theory makes practice more effective

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