Bacon’s Rebellion – Causes, Outcomes, and Overall Significance

Perceived differences between Jamestown settlement leaders resulted in Bacon’s rebellion. The rebellion was aimed at dealing with problems from Indians problems in areas close to the settlement. Retired indentured servants were eligible to get extensive land, 50 acres, after completion of their assignments. The land set aside for these indentured servants was usually on the settlement’s peripheries, where there were more Indians. Nathaniel Bacon organized his own battle squad, which attacked several Indian settlements including some that had been friendly to the settlers (, n.d.). Jamestown Assembly declined to help the settlers with their attacks, which resulted in collision between the two communities(, n.d.). When Bacon commanded the militia to attack Jamestown Assembly, he claimed that his actions were triggered by of a number of things that the Assembly did.

He accused them of protecting, supporting, and inspiring the Indiansagainst the settlers.He claimed that the support that the Assembly gave to the Indians encouraged them to invade, rob and murder the settlers. Although the settlers had succeeded in their attacks to the Indians who they burnt, murdered and destroyed with ease, the Assembly had tried to counter their efforts. Even though the Indians had shown hostility towards the settlers, Bacon claimed that the Assembly had expressly blocked and sent back their army when they wereclose to attacking the Indians(, n.d.). The Assembly vouched for the Indians saying that they were peace loving. However,this was not the case because the Indians executed their evil intentions, committing murder and robbery against the settlers, immediately after the army went back.

The rebellion was significant for being the first rebellion against the British American authority. The rebellion also contributed to loss of confidence in the Indentured servants as a reliable source of labor for the farmers. Consequently, the Indentured servants were replaced with African slaves (, n.d.). Bacon died shortly after the commencement of the rebellion, and that hugely contributed to its failure.


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