JIT and Process Standardization Paper

Question details: JIT and Process Standardization Paper

Choose a local business establishment, such as a car wash, fast food, dry cleaner, or doctor’s office check-in. Observe and document the process steps followed. Write a 700- to 1,050-word analysis in which you:

Explain the JIT philosophy.

Identify the customer expectations for the service and/or product.

Describe the production process steps observed. Diagram a process flowchart.

Describe the standardized and non-standardized process steps.

State your opinion concerning the process. effectiveness, efficiency, and measurements.

Make recommendations for improving the process. Be sure to properly cite your sources.




JIT is a pull system of production in which actual orders give a sign for when a product should be manufactured (Voss and David, 1989). It can be referred to as a philosophy for waste reduction and systematic improvement. However, this is a method which control and at the same time reduce inventory and a production scheduling system. Utilizing JIT in production planning approach helps managers or individuals to reduce inventory to the minimum level. One of the most vital aspects of JIT process is cooperation. JIT thrives performs well in open, honest communication and trust among all parties involved in the process. Employees are expected to work together so as to improve the product and the process. Management must also be open and wiling minded and willing to support the change.

Consumer focus is the key towards satisfying the needs of potential customers. This is considered to be one of the main parts of a business success. Achieving customer focus involves ensuring that the entire organization and not only frontline service staff puts its consumers as a first priority. All the activities starting from planning of new products, marketing and after sales care should be natured around the customer. Every employee and every department should share the same customer focused vision. This can be enhanced by practicing good relationship with the customer. Customers define their identities from the store where they shop and the brands they approve or castoff.

I chose to use car wash as a local business. Don’s car wash offers various services and products to customers’ part from cleaning vehicles; e.g. oiling services, changing car tires, among others. The following were the steps that I observed to have been followed during car washing process. First, two buckets were filled with water, one with soap and the other without. Then a large wash sponge was soaked into the bucket containing soap. A brush was also socked in the soapy water which was to be used in scrubbing in the areas of the car that had hard stains to remove with a sponge. The car was washed starting from the top and around several times. Then the dirt was rinsed out of the sponge in the bucket with plain water frequently until it was clean. This process took quite a long time than expected by the customer.

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