Laptop Versus Tablet: Which One to Buy – Answered

Assignment Instructions

  1. Explain the main factors that you should consider before deciding between a laptop or a tablet to buy.
  2. Identify the key features of a laptop and a tablet. Next, discuss three (3) important characteristics of each that might influence your decision.
  3. Identify three (3) best-selling tablets on the market, and decide on the one that you would like to buy. Justify your response.
  4. Use at least two (2) quality references. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not quality as academic resources.

The title of the paper is Laptop Versus Tablet: Which One to Buy


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Main factors that you should consider before deciding whether to buy a laptop or a tablet

Price. One of the most important factors that one must consider when buying a laptop is the price. Laptops and tablets have varying prices depending on the brand, make, and features among others, ranging from as low as $200 to as high as $999. Before one begins the purchase process, he/she should determine the amount he/she is willing to spend on the purchase(Benson, Krawczyk&Figueiredo, 2006).

Portability. Another factor to consider is the weight, size and portability of the device; this is mostly determined by the nature of intended use and the user’s lifestyle(Benson, Krawczyk&Figueiredo, 2006). For instance, someone who needs to carry the device around might opt for a tablet as compared to someone who will only use it in the office.

Durability. Some laptops and tablets last longer than others, this makethe device’s lifespan another important consideration(Benson, Krawczyk&Figueiredo, 2006). The longer the lifespan, the higher the chances that one will get value for his/her money and vice versa.

Battery life. It is also important to consider how often one would need to power up the device. A long battery life is important since it means that one can use the device from more locations, as access to a power source will not be a limiting factor.

Operating system/ Applications/ Software. Different laptops and tablets have different operating systems, applications, and software (Benson, Krawczyk&Figueiredo, 2006). Before purchasing a device, one should consider his/her software requirements for the intended use as well as how the device will integrate with his/her other devices.

Features. Different laptops have different features as people have different needs. In line with this, one should determine the features that are most important to him/her and match them with the available devices.

Identify the key features of a laptop and a tablet.

Laptops have a majorintegral benefit over tablets, power (Ozok,et al., 2008).They generally have a more powerful processing hardware, which allows them to have wider range of uses. It also makes them faster at performance and more superiorat multitasking. Laptops candle both common and complex computer uses.

Laptops have expandable memory modules (RAM), and thus its hardware is not only expandable but can also be easily upgraded. They also have USB ports that offer room for functional expansion.Tablets’ memory on the other hand is not upgradable and they do not offer internal storage capacity.

Discuss three important characteristics of each that might influence your decision.

One of the characteristics that would influence my decision would be the size and portability. Tablets are considerably lighter and they are also more portable than a laptop. This is mainly due to their screen size as compared to that of a laptop. A second characteristic would be the rebooting (Ozok,et al., 2008). A tablet is always on as compared to a laptop that requires switching off after use. A laptop can last only a day or less on sleep mode but a tablet can last for several weeks on the same mode. The advantage of having a device that is always on is the convenience it brings when you want to use it. While a laptop takes several minutes to reboot, a tablet takes tapping the wake button. The third characteristic is the battery life. While one can use a tablet all day without needing to recharge it, a laptop, even the best of them in the market, lasts only a few hours (Ozok. et al., 2008).

Identify three (3) best-selling tablets on the market, and decide on the one that you would like to buy. Justify your response.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4

Price: £319 inc VAT

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 is an Android tablets with good hardware and an ultra thin and very light design. It has a TouchWiz software and additional fingerprint scanner.

Apple iPad Air 2

Price: From £399 inc VAT

It is high in performance and also has additional features such as Touch ID fingerprint feature, and an uprated processor.

 Nexus 7 (2013)

Price: £199 (32 GB)/£239 (1 32GB)

The 2013 Google Nexus 7 has high performance but lacks a microSD card slot.

After a careful evaluation, I would purchase a Google Nexus since it has high performance, almost similar to the other two, and it comes at a lower price.


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