P&G Japan : The SKII Globalization Project Case Study

Read :P&G Japan: The SKII Globalization Project case  and answer the following question.
       1.  Does SK-II have the potential to become a global brand within Procter & Gamble’s worldwide operations? Why or why not?
Please give a detailed answers for both why/why not.


SK-II is a cosmetic product that was developed by the P&G Japan local company to address the consumer taste and preference in the country. This product was adopted since the company lacked any good product that would suit the Japanese’s women way caring for their skin. It used in like 8 step procedures though its impact was found to be marvelous in Japan. The product was anticipated to be highly accepted in other global market, but after the women of other markets understand how it is used and its tremendous impact on their skin. In this regard, its expansion to other international market was always hindered by a long familiarization period before breaking even. This was witnessed in China and was still predicted to happen in Europe. However, after this period the product could be very profitable in any part of the world since it was result based (Bartlett, 2004).

In my opinion, the SK-II product has the potential of becoming the world cosmetic product. However, this may require time and patience from CEOs in the new market. The product can easily turn into an international cosmetic brand due to its quality and efficiency in restoring beauty in women. It effective use in Japan and China demonstrates the product ability to return good and desirable impact to its users. The fact that it brings changes gives it the potential to sell in any market. However, to manage that, the international market has to take it to spread customer awareness and to make the customers understand its use. This gives it a longer market entry and introduction period after which the company is assured of total profit. The fact that it guarantee great profit after creating awareness and making its use understood to the customers gives it a great potential as a global product (Bartlett, 2004).

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