Can Volcanic Activities Become Beneficial to Humans?

Volcanism refers to magma and related gases movement from the interior into the earth surface and the crust. Volcanism can be beneficial and hazardous to human being.  Volcanic eruption results to the emission of greenhouse gases that include CO2 from fossil fuels burning.  This makes a contribution to the atmospheric pollution and increase in global warming scale. Volcano ash can also be destructive to the infrastructure, especially when it cover roads, railways satellites, and airports runways. It can result to destruction of towns, communities, and people’s properties, while in very abrupt and severe cases, it can result to lose of life and severe injuries. People displacement and destruction of towns result to destruction of commerce in the area. Volcano ash is also likely to interfere with respiratory health of the people in the surrounding area and their visibility. Toxic silica can also be part of volcanic particulates (Self, 2006).

Volcanic ash is said to contain a number of soil nutrients that are very essential in providing minerals to the plants. It can therefore be very important in the agricultural sector.  Volcanic also creates mineral deposits which make great contribution to the economy of a country as raw material for manufacturing important product for local and international use. Volcanic has also resulted to the creation of beautiful landscape that includes land, island, and mountain among other unique features. These features play a great role in attracting tourists in the county. It also offers habitation to pioneer species, after destroying the existing or the old crops and habitants. The high heat level and activities in the earth near a volcano can offer chances for geothermal energy generation in the country (Marshak, 2016).

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