Change Something That Cannot be Changed, or Accept a Situation for What it is?

Assignment Instructions

Various cultures embrace differing opinions in relation to controlling factors in one’s life. For instance, Wade and Tavris explain that Western cultures tend to exert primary control over personal situations. If something bad happens in your life, you try to fix it. On the other hand, many Eastern cultures assert that secondary control is of utmost importance. If something bad happens to you, you learn to adapt to the situation and live with it. What are your thoughts? Is it reasonable to think that you can change something that cannot be changed, or is it healthier to accept a situation for what it is? Explain your opinion, and give a personal example from your life. Next, find one friend or family member who has a differing opinion. Share his or her experience in this area.

Sample Answer –
Is it reasonable to think that you can change something that cannot be changed, or is it healthier to accept a situation for what it is?

In my opinion it is healthier to accept what can be changed and live with it. Fighting and working hard to change a situation that cannot be changed can be quite draining. In most cases, one use resources that could have been saved and applied in a more fruitful manner to change a situation whose condition seems static. In case nothing changes at the end of the day, one may feel hopeless and as a failure, a situation that can easily lead to emotional, psychological and physical breakdown. This is why, I believe in accepting the new normal and working with it. This way I will not waste time, energy and resources to change what cannot be changed, but I can make a new turn that will make my life better and bring the whole situation into a control. It also makes it easy for a person to manage his or her psychology and emotions during hard times to avoid anxiety, depression or acute stress.

However, my father does not share the same opinion with me. According to him, those who win are those who do not give up or accept a situation as it is. He therefore believes in fighting, persisting and trying as many times as possible until he achieves what he wants or until he defines positive changes. He always applies the Christians concept of faith and prayers, believing that a man can achieve anything he wants through determination, faith and prayers. According to him a winner is a loser who did not give up. In this regard, he does not beliefs in defeats or giving up. Although one may find him highly disturbed in some cases, he sometimes overturns some situations that the rest of the family could have given up on long time ago, and then he manages to win difficult battles.

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