Christian Counseling From Mark R. McMinn’s Perspective

A sensitive counselor considers a number of factors before confronting sins of a counselee. This factors include the level of the counseling where by the counselor evaluate whether he or she has enough information about the counselee, the counseling is in a willing position to face his or her sin, the trust between the counselor and a counselee among other important factors. This ensures that sins are only confronted at the right time when the client is free to handle them and when the atmosphere between the counselor and the counselee is conducive (Davis, 2012). Among the cautions provided in the class, the cautions that counselor overlooks is the client’s willingness to confront their sins. This is because, counselors assume that people come for counseling since they are ready to change and thus, ignore the fact that even then there is the right time to handle the most difficult aspect in their past or present life.

The best way to confront Jane’s sins in this scenario is through questioning. This is because, Jane has been through so much in life. The urge to commit suicide may be driven by one or more of the past life which must be confronted. In this regard, questioning would be the only way to dig out the actual cause of Jane’s current behavior. Questioning will help the counselor understand which among many sins that Jane committed or which among many of her bad experience is pushing her into contemplating suicide (McMinn, 2012).

I would consider confronting Jane’s sins after I have built the trust between us and have made Jane believe in me. This will make it easy to discuss all her past life and experiences openly without covering anything.  The best techniques to confront her sins in this case include questioning and pondering which will help her in realizing her mistakes and developing a conscious about her sin and desire to leave them behind (McMinn, 2010).

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