CIS 523 – Strategies to Defend Network Attack

Prompt : What are common strategies to defend network attack? Select two of them and describe how the techniques can be used against network attack

Any form of intrusion on a network infrastructure that first analyzes the system environment and collects information before exploiting existing ports is known as network attack. Network attacks may also involve unauthorized access to resources. There are two types of network attack: active and passive network attack. Passive network attack occurs when the purpose of the attack is mainly to obtain some information from the system but not to alter the system. On the other hand, active network attack occurs when the main purpose of the attack is to alter or destroy data. Network attack may result into total loss of an organization’s data and should therefore be avoided (Sebastian, 2013).

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A number of strategies are used to defend network attack and they include refraining from opening or downloading files from unsolicited email addresses, even of such email have been sent by a known person. In addition, network attacks can be defended by enabling more than one factor authentication whenever possible, by using a strong anti-virus program, and by keeping the operating system updated (Sebastian, 2013). Users also need to confirm the authenticity of websites before placing their login details in it. The two common strategies of defending network attacks are; keeping the operating system updated and by using a strong antivirus program. Computer users are highly advised to update their operating systems regularly with the latest drivers and security patches. This way, they will keep their computer from all forms of security threats. Similarly, computer users should use strong antivirus programs to protect their computers from getting malware by downloading suspicious files or email attachments (Sebastian, 2013).

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