Community Groups Discussion – Hockey Team Group

Ever since I was seven years of age, I enjoyed playing hockey, and this facilitated my joining of the hockey community group. It is a community of people with shared interests and talents that favor hockey. In this community, our primary goal is to make hockey more socially accessible around the world.

The community has greatly helped its members in connecting with other players, games, links and many more. I have played in very many teams facilitated by my hockey family where I have met avariety of people from different places with great love.  Hockey community, therefore, aids well in sharpening the social skills of its members. It is a community defined by interest where, as the members of the family, we enjoy the health benefits of hockey such as endurance, strength, balance, coordination agility as well as the most prominent one,which is the social skills.

Hockey community gets faced with challenges such as the tragic accidents during the hockey an event, toughlossamong others but with great family love; we have always managed to overcome the challenges. It is not a selfish community; it has grown with time to involve the energy hockey with anappreciation for other talents such as athletes. We provide the athletes with the best education possible while teaching them the necessary skills and knowledge required in becoming an elite hockey player. I have great achievements now not because I am a hockey player but majorly because I am a member of the hockey community.

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