Comparing NANDA to Desiderata Criteria

Medical doctors need controlled medical vocabularies to support their services and to enhance conformity in communication with their clients. Over the recent past, medical surgical nursing settings have begun to stress on the use of available standards that bring together the common themes required in health care delivery such as concept performance, vocabulary content, formal definitions, context representations, concept orientation, multiple views, redundancy, and concept identifiers (Cimino, 1998). The North American Nursing Diagnosis Association, (NANDA), is one organization that has recognized and addressed the desiderata for controlled medical terminology, particularly in the medical surgical nursing setting. Many professionals now emphasize that Registered Nurses should use NANDA classifications and definitions in documentation (Cimino, 1998).

The North American Nursing Diagnosis Association, (NANDA), provides homogeneous terminologies for nursing interventions known as “NANDA classifications.” The leaders of this organization perpetually revise the medical terminologies used to enhance their applicability in the current clinical environment. Medical-surgical nurses are required to synthesize assessment data in order to come up with diagnoses that are used to design effective nursing interventions for health restitution, promotion, and maintenance. Nursing diagnoses are made following analysis and interpretation of data concerning the needs, health status, age, and problems of the client. The North American Nursing Diagnosis Association, (NANDA), provides nursing diagnosis classification systems for medical surgical nurses. Nurses in a medical surgical nursing setting can use the NANDA classification system to ensure conformity in documentation and communication. Therefore, nursing institutions can address the desiderata for controlled medical terminology by encouraging the use of NANDA-approved language (Keller et al., 2012).

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