The connection between the protest movement in Selma, Alabama, in 1965 and the passage of the 1965 Voting Rights Act

The voting right Act passage in Selma, Alabama 1965 was engineered by the three peaceful demonstrations that were done by the African American to protest on racial segregation, poverty and obstruction of voter registration for Negros in South America. It was led by several activists like James Reeb; a Unitarian Universalists minister from Boston, Jimmie Lee Jackson; an activist and a deacon and Martin Luther king Jr. However, these activists were treated ruthlessly and even were murdered by the white as they tried to present African American grievances, for instance, activist Jimmie Lee Jackson was brutally killed on February 26, 1965, after a peaceful demonstration held at Marion Alabama (Mohl, 2002). This led to the conduction of the first march which took place on March 7, 1965 organized by, Bevel, Amelia, Boynton and others. They incited people to attack unarmed marchers using tear gas and Billy club after passing the line and this event was known as the “Bloody Sunday” where Boynton was beaten unconsciously by law enforcement, later her picture lying wounded on the bridge was publicized on the media worldwide.

Unfortunately, Activist James Reeb met his death on a night of March 9, 1965, after the police, troopers and marchers confronted at the county end of the bridge but later the troopers stepped aside and Rev. Martin Ruther king led marchers back to the church. Additionally, Reed death and the Bloody Sunday incidence led to protesters demand protection from ruthless Selma marchers and a new voting rights law to enable African Americans to vote without harassment. This was the second protest which initiated a national history televised about President Lyndon Johnson announcing that, the joint congress session the society of saint Edmund catholic and he will commit to support and  protect the African American from marchers, also asked for the introduction of the bill of voting right Act passage.

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