Crime Mapping

Crime mapping refers to a process of utilizing a geographic information system to carry out spatial crime problems analysis as well as other related police issues. Crime mapping facilitates statistical and visual analysis of the spatial crime nature and other forms of events. It permits analysts to connect different sources of data together, as per geographical variables and offers maps which assist in communicating results of the analysis.  Crime mapping is harmonizing to all kinds of crime analysis since it plays an essential role in about all analysis. Crime mapping is important since it assist in enhancing administration, evaluation, and dissemination of information (Us.crowin, 2005). Mapping is used to inform investigators and police officers of incidents of crime in different locations. It also assists in making decision regarding allocation of resources and evaluation of intervention measures. It also assist the patrol officers on the areas to watch based on the crime rates and the areas that are likely to make emergency calls. It also assists officers in informing residents about the criminal activities in the area (Mamalian & LaVigne, 1999).

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