Critical Thinking Questions About Zappos Case Study With Answers

Briefly explain how Zappos has implemented social responsibility programs into its business.

The company has implemented social responsibility by partnering with charitable organization to pass their donation to the needy in the society. The company takes part in enhancing livelihood of people by renovating public assets that would attract income and promote both social and economic life of the surrounding. The company has made it its culture to always go beyond their core business to promote the social and economic life of the surrounding community. The company also it its duty to protect its customers from any form of destruction. It also employ its resources to better the lives of the surrounding communities by offering employment, and training. The company thus fulfils its ethical responsibility to the society.

How have charitable giving and volunteer engagement programs helped Zappos foster social responsibility?

Social responsibility entails behaving ethically with respect toward economic, culture, environmental and social issues. The organization tries to foster a positive relation with the surrounding community while still working to enhance their business development. Zappos enhances social responsibility by partnering with charitable organization to eliminate poverty, to assist poor children with their education payment, to fund cancer care and research institution, and to promote nature and environment.  They normally provide free footwear for the poor children in the company’s surrounding. Thus the company takes part in promoting the livelihood of the surrounding communities. This gives the company the opportunity to give back to the society. Education and cancer funding enhances the surrounding social life and economic situation. It also create a chance for future economic development of the surrounding community by supporting education to the poor.

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